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How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to write a blog? You probably already recognize how essential the manner of blogging is to the fulfillment of your advertising and marketing efforts. This is why it is going without announcing it is enormously critical to discover ways to efficiently begin and manipulate a blog in a way that helps your enterprise.

Without a blog, you’ll locate yourself experiencing a number of problems inclusive of bad SEO (search engine marketing), loss of promotional content material for social, little clout together with your leads and customers, and fewer pages to proportion your lead-generating calls-to-motion (CTAs) on.

So why, oh why, achieve this many marketers I communicate to nevertheless have a laundry list of excuses for why they can’t preserve a blog Maybe because, until you experience writing, commercial enterprise blogging may seem dull, time eating, and tough.

Well, the time for excuses is over and this guide is here that will help you understand why. We’ll cowl how to write and control your business’s blog, in addition, to provide beneficial templates to simplify your blogging efforts.

Let’s get started with an important question for the question of how to write a blog?

What is a blog post?

Blog posts allow you and your enterprise to post insights, thoughts, and stories for your internet site on approximately any topic. They will let you boost traffic, brand recognition, credibility, conversions, and sales.

Today, people and organizations of all walks of existence manage blogs to share analyses, practice, criticisms, product information, enterprise findings, and extra. There are many famous blog codecs however, here are six of the most common:

  • The “How-To” Post
  • The List-Based Post
  • The “What Is” Post
  • The Pillar Page Post
  • The Newsjacking Post
  • The Infographic Post

So, how do you make certain your blog post catches the eyes of your audience, consumer personas, and clients?

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What makes an awesome blog post published?

Before answer for how to write a blog? you write a blog, make sure you already know the solutions to questions like, “Why might someone preserve reading this complete blog post?” and “What makes our target audience come again for more?

To begin, an awesome blog post is exciting and educational. Blogs should solve questions and help readers clear up an undertaking they’re experiencing — and you need to accomplish that in an interesting manner.

It’s not enough just to reply to a person’s questions — you furthermore might should offer actionable steps while being engaging. For example, your advent must hook the reader and cause them to need to retain the reading you are published. Then, use examples to hold your readers inquisitive about what you have got to mention.

Remember, a good blog publish is exciting to examine and presents educational content to target market individuals.

(Want to discover ways to follow running a blog and different kinds of content material advertising and marketing on your business? Check out HubSpot Academy’s free content advertising and marketing schooling useful resource page.)

So, how do you absolutely move approximately writing any such enticing and informational portions?

How to Write a Blog Post?

Here are the stairs you will need to observe at the same time as writing a blog publish.

1. Understand your audience.

Before you begin finding out how to write a blog? writing your blog put up, ensure you have got clear expertise of your target audience.

Ask questions like: What do they need to know approximately? And, what is going to resonate with them?

This is in which developing your purchaser personas comes in handy. Consider what you recognize approximately your purchaser personas and their pursuits even as you’re developing with a topic in your blog post.

For instance, if your readers are millennials trying to start an enterprise, you probably don’t need to provide them with statistics approximately getting began in social media — a maximum of them have already got that down.

You may, however, need to provide the statistics about how to adjust their social media approach (for example — from what can be a casual, personal approach to a greater business-savvy, networking-centered technique). That type of tweak is what enables you to publish content material approximately the subjects your target market certainly needs (and desires).

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2. Create your blog domain.

Next, you will want a place to host this and each different blog put up you write. This requires choosing a content material management machine (CMS) and an internet site domain website hosting service.

Choose a CMS.

A CMS facilitates you to create an internet site area where you may honestly publish your blog. CMS structures can control domain names (where you create your internet site) and subdomains (in which you create a website that connects to a current website).

Register a website or subdomain with a website host.

Your blog’s domain will seem like this: www.Yourblog.Com. The name between the 2 durations is up to you, so long as this domain call would not yet exist on the internet.

Want to create a subdomain in your blog? If you already personal a cooking business at www.Yourcompany.Com, you might create a blog that seems like this: blog.Yourcompany.Com. In different words, your blog’s subdomain will live in its own segment of yourcompany.Com.

Some CMSs provide subdomains as an unfastened provider, wherein your blog lives on the CMS, in place of your business’s website. For example, it’d seem like this: yourblog.Contentmanagementsystem.Com. However, to create a subdomain that belongs to an enterprise internet site, register the subdomain with an internet site host.

Most website hosting services fee little or no to host an authentic area — in truth, internet site charges may be as cheaper as $three in line with a month.

Here are five famous internet website hosting offerings to select from:

3. Customize your blog’s topic.

Once you’ve got your area call installation, customize the appearance of your blog to mirror the subject matter of the content you plan on developing and your logo.

For example, how to write a blog? in case you’re writing about sustainability and the environment, inexperienced might be a shade to hold in mind while designing.

If you already manage an internet site and are writing the first submit for that current internet site, make certain the thing is constant with the internet site in look and problem be counted. Two approaches to do that are consisting of your:

  • Logo: This may be your enterprise’s call and/ or emblem — it’s going to remind blog readers of who is publishing the content. (How closely you need to logo your blog, however, is as much as you.)
  • “About” Page: You might already have an “About” blurb describing yourself or your commercial enterprise. Your log’s “About” segment is an extension of this higher-degree declaration. Think of it as your blog’s project statement, which serves to support your organization’s desires.

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4. Identify your first blog post’s topic.

Do you want to find out how to write a blog? write whatever, pick out a topic in your blog submit. The subject matter can be quite general to start. For example, if you’re an organization that sells a CRM for small-to-organization agencies, your put up is probably about the importance of using an unmarried software program to hold Marketing, Sales, and Service aligned.

Pro tip: You may not need to jump right into a “how-to” article for your first blog submit.

For example, if you’re a plumber writing you first submit, perhaps you’ll write about current tap setups, or tell a specific fulfillment tale you had rescuing a faucet before it flooded a purchaser’s residence. Here are 4 different varieties of blog posts you may begin with:

  • List (“Listicle”): five ways to fix a leaky faucet
  • Curated Collection: 10 faucet and sink manufacturers to consider nowadays
  • SlideShare Presentation: 5 styles of taps to update your antique one (with images)
  •  New examine shows X% of human beings don’t update their faucet regularly suffers Piece: ficient

If you’re having a problem developing with subject-matter ideas, check out this blog publish by means of my colleague. In the post, she walks through a helpful system for turning one concept into many. Similar to the “leaky faucet” examples above, she indicates you “iterate off vintage topics to come up with specific and compelling new subjects.”

This may be accomplished by way of:

  • Changing the subject scope
  • Adjusting some time body
  • Choosing a new target market
  • Taking a wonderful/terrible technique
  • Introducing a new format

5. Come up with an operating name.

You might come up with some exceptional working titles — in different words, iterations of drawing close to that subject matter that will help your attention your writing.

For example, you could determine to narrow your subject matter to “Tools for Fixing Leaky Faucets” or “Common Causes of Leaky Faucets.” A working identity is particular and will guide you to publish so that you can start writing and know how to write a blog?

Let’s take a real put up for example: “How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog Post.” Appropriate, right? The subject matter, in this situation, became in all likelihood “blogging.” Then the working identify might also have been something like, “The Process for Selecting a Blog Post Topic.” And the final name ended up being “How to Choose a Solid Topic for Your Next Blog Post.”

See that evolution from subject matter to running name, to very last identify? Even even though the working name might not turn out to be being the final identity (greater on that in a second), it nevertheless provides sufficient statistics so that you can consciousness your blog submit on some thing extra unique than a universal, overwhelming subject matter.

6. Write an intro (and make it fascinating).

We’ve written more particularly about writing fascinating introductions within the submit, “How to Write an Introduction,” however let’s evaluate, lets?

First, take hold of the reader’s interest. If you lose the reader inside the first few paragraphs — or even sentences — of the creation, they may forestall analyzing (even earlier than they have got given your post a fair shake). You can try this in a number of approaches: inform a tale or a comic story, be empathetic, or grip the reader with an exciting truth or statistic.

Then, describe the reason for your publish and provide an explanation for how to write a blog? will address a hassle the reader may be experiencing. This will supply the reader a reason to retain studying and offer a connection to how it’ll help them enhance their work/lives. Here’s an instance of a publish we assume does an excellent job of attracting a reader’s interest proper away:

A charming blog intro.

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7. Organize your content in an outline.

Sometimes, blog posts can have an awesome quantity of statistics — for the reader and the writer. The trick is to organize the data in a manner so readers aren’t intimidated via length or quantity of content material. This enterprise can take more than one bureaucracy — sections, lists, recommendations — anything’s most suitable. But it should be prepared!

Let’s check the publish, “How to Use Snapchat: A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy.” There’s plenty of content material within the piece, so it is damaged up into some sections the use of descriptive headers. The main sections are separated into sub-sections that move into greater element, making the content material easier to study.

To whole this step, all you really need to do is define your publish. This way, earlier than you begin writing, you may realize which factors you need to cowl and the satisfactory order to accomplish that in. And to make matters even simpler, you may down load and use our unfastened blog submit templates, which might be pre-organized for 6 of the most not unusual blogs. Just fill in the blanks!

8. Write your blog post!

The next step — but now not the ultimate — is truely writing the content material. We can’t forget about about that, of course.

Now which you have your define/template, you’re geared up to fill within the blanks. Use your define as a manual and enlarge on all points as needed. Write approximately what you recognize, and if important, conduct additional research to collect more facts, examples, and facts to again up your points, at the same time as supplying proper attribution while incorporating outside sources.

(Need help finding accurate and compelling facts to apply in your submit? Check out this roundup of resources for concept.)

If you’re having hassle stringing sentences together, you are not on my own. Finding your “go with the flow” may be hard for a lot of parents. Luckily, there are a ton of gear you can lean on to help you enhance your writing. Here are some to get you began:

  • Power Thesaurus: Stuck on a word? Power Thesaurus is a crowdsourced tool that provides customers with some of alternative word alternatives from a network of writers.
  • ZenPen: If you are having hassle staying targeted, take a look at out this distraction-unfastened writing device. ZenPen creates a minimalist “writing quarter” designed to help you get phrases down while not having to fuss with formatting right away.
  • Cliché Finder: Feeling like your writing might be coming off a touch cheesy? Identify instances wherein you can be extra particular the usage of this accessible cliché device.

9. Proofread and edit your publish.

You’re now not pretty executed yet, but you’re near! The editing process is an vital a part of running a blog — do not forget about it.

Ask a grammar-aware co-employee to copyedit and proofread your put up. You can also recall enlisting the help of The Ultimate Editing Checklist or using a free grammar checker like Grammarly.

Featured Image

Choose a visually appealing and applicable image on your submit. As social networks treat content material with snap shots extra prominently, visuals are more responsible than ever for the fulfillment of your blog content.

Featured photograph of a blog post about how to write a blog?

In reality, it’s been shown that content material with relevant images gets 94% more views than content material without applicable pictures. For assist deciding on an image in your publish, study “How to Select the Perfect Image for Your Next Blog Post” and pay close attention to the section about copyright law.

Visual Appearance

No one likes an unattractive blog put up. And it is not simply pix that make a submit visually appealing — it’s the formatting and enterprise of the publish, too.

In a properly-formatted and visually-attractive blog put up, you may word that header and sub-headers are used to break up huge blocks of textual content — and those headers are styled constantly.

Here’s an example of what that looks as if:

  • Visual look pointers on writing a blog.
  • Screenshots must continually have a similar, defined border in order that they don’t appear as if they are floating in area — that fashion ought to live regular from put up to post.
  • Maintaining this consistency makes your content material look more professional and less difficult on the eyes.

Topics and Tags

Tags are precise, public-going through key phrases that describe a put up. They additionally allow readers to browse for extra content material within the same category on your blog. Refrain from adding a laundry listing of tags to each post. Instead, placed a few thought into a blog tagging strategy.

Think of tags as “subjects” or “classes,” and choose 10-20 tags that constitute all the principle topics you want to cowl on your blog. Then stick with the ones.

10. Insert a CTA.

At the cease of each blog post, insert a CTA that suggests what you want the reader to do next — join your blog, down load an ebook, sign up for a webinar or event, read a associated article, and so on.

Your visitors examine your blog put up, they click at the CTA, and subsequently you generate a lead. But the CTA is also a treasured aid for the person reading your content material — use your CTAs to offer extra content just like the difficulty of the submit they simply finished analyzing.

In the blog submit, “What to Post on Instagram: 18 Photo & Video Ideas to Spark Inspiration,” for instance, readers are given actionable thoughts for developing precious Instagram content material. At the end of the publish is a CTA referring readers to down load a comprehensive guide on the way to use Instagram for enterprise:

Example of a CTA on a blog submit.

See how that’s a win-win for each person and how to write a blog?? Readers who want to learn more have the opportunity to do so, and the enterprise gets a lead they are able to nurture … Who may also even grow to be a customer!

11. Optimize for on-page SEO.

After you finish writing, cross returned and seek engine optimize your put up.

Don’t obsess over how many keywords to include in how to write a blog? If there are opportunities to comprise keywords you are focused on, and it might not affect reader’s enjoyment, do it. If you can make your URL shorter and more keyword-friendly, go for it. But do not cram key phrases or shoot for some arbitrary keyword density — Google’s smarter than that!

Here’s a bit blog search engine optimization reminder approximately what you ought to review and optimize:

Meta Description

Meta descriptions are the descriptions below the put up’s web page title on Google’s search results pages. They offer searchers with a brief summary of the put up earlier than clicking into it. They are ideally between a hundred and fifty-a hundred and sixty characters and start with a verb, inclusive of “Learn,” “Read,” or “Discover.”

While meta descriptions no longer thing into Google’s key-word ranking set of rules, they supply searchers a photo of what they may get from reading the post and help improve your clickthrough fee from seeking.

Page Title and Headers

Most blogging software uses your post name as your page title, that’s the maximum essential on-page SEO element at your disposal. But if you’ve accompanied our formula thus far, you must have already got a running identify a good way to clearly consist of keywords and/ or phrases your target audience is interested in.

Don’t over-complicate your name with the aid of looking to healthy in keywords wherein they don’t clearly belong. With that said, if there are clean opportunities to add keywords you’re targeting in your publish name and headers, experience free to take them. Also, try to hold your headlines quick — preferably, beneath 65 characters — in order that they don’t get truncated in the search engine results.

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Anchor Text

Anchor textual content is the word or words that link to some other page — both to your internet site or on any other website. Carefully choose which keywords you need to hyperlink to different pages for your web page due to the fact search engines take that into consideration while ranking your web page for positive key phrases.

It’s also critical to recollect which pages you hyperlink to. Consider linking pages that you need to rank for a selected keyword. You ought to end up getting it to rank on Google’s first web page of results in preference to its second page — and that ain’t small potatoes.

Mobile Optimization

With cell devices accounting for nearly -of-3 mins spent on-line, having a website with a responsive design is essential. In addition to making sure your internet site’s visitors (along with your blog’s traffic) have the fine enjoy viable, optimizing for cell will rating your website a few search engine optimization factors.

To make certain your web site is getting the most SEO gain feasible, check out this unfastened guide: How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website: SEO Tips for a Post-“Mobilegeddon” World.

12. Pick a catchy title.

Last but not least, it’s time to spruce up that running title of yours. Luckily, we have a easy components for writing catchy titles so that it will clutch the eye of your reader. Here’s what to don’t forget:

  1. Start along with your working title.
  2. As you begin to edit your name, keep in mind that it is vital to keep the name correct and clear.
  3. Then, work on making your title sexy — whether it is thru robust language, alliteration, or some other literary tactic.
  4. If you may, optimize for search engine marketing by sneaking a few key phrases in there (only if it’s herbal, although!).
  5. Finally, let’s see if you can shorten it a bit. Nobody likes a long, overwhelming headline – remember, Google prefers 65 characters or less before truncating it on search engine results pages.


Finally, see if you can shorten it at all and know how to write a blog?. No one likes a long, overwhelming identify — don’t forget, Google prefers sixty-five characters or fewer earlier than it truncates it on its search engine effects pages.

If you’ve mastered the steps above, study a few methods to take your blog posts to the subsequent stage. Want some actual examples of blog posts? See what your first blog submit can seem like, beneath, based totally on the topic you choose and the audience you are targeting.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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