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Improve brand loyalty through a customer experience (CX) optimization strategy.

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Customer experience (CX) is the deciding factor for nearly 70% brand loyalty – the ability of ‘customers’ to continue to accompany the business. However, in order to develop the optimal customer experience strategy, sometimes there are too many factors that make businesses not know where to start. Together, Digit Matter breaks down customer experience into categories to strategically guide the return day in 2021!

What is customer experience?

customer experience

Along with the change in the customer journey that Digit Matter shared in the article “3 common mistakes in CX design”, double customer experience is a concept that should be seen in general instead of Only confined to interactions between the brand and the target audience.

Based on the results of surveys and research from Gartner, in order to improve brand loyalty, Digit Matter temporarily explains the customer experience through the following four main groups of factors:

  • Experience comes from interactions
  • The experience comes from the product
  • Brand-related experiences
  • Experience is influenced by price

Interaction experience – The experience comes from interaction

Literally, this is the ‘intersection’ between what a business does for the purpose of optimizing CX and what customers perceive from the opposite perspective. In other words, it is a ‘reflection’ from customers about the service attitude of the business through many criteria such as convenience, personalization, exclusive difference or ‘understanding. ‘to point out the’ blind spots’ that the customer itself is not aware of

For example, if you are an interior design business, in addition to the professional aesthetics, professionalism in consulting, you can also:

  • Making a difference through the application of AR technologies to help customers have the real experience of ‘similar to competitors’ designs.
  • Create personalization with the application of specialized software to help customers customize the original design according to their personal preferences.
  • Making a difference in understanding such as using tests to ‘name’ the design style that customers like but do not have enough vocabulary to describe into words

Product experience – Product experience

customer experience

Product experience – what the product offers and how the brand feels. Through the satisfaction/disappointment of products and services in particular, these are also emotions that reflect customer attitudes towards the business. Positive or negative feelings about a product are often influenced by factors such as:

Whether the product / service is used effectively or not

Products / services are easy to use

The product / service has solved the problem customers expect

Whether using a product / service makes a consumer’s life different – for example Nike with a sporty spirit, Apple with the cool difference logo ..

In addition, according to many studies, customers who find that products bring significant improvements in work / life, reduce anxiety or increase confidence to reach personal goals are often experiences. experience in increasing brand loyalty. As long as the business feels ‘this is a product / service for them ‘or‘ it’s the right choice ’, that’s a successful CX strategy.

Brand perception – Brand perception experiences

customer experience

Brand perception reflects customers ‘perceptions of the values ​​and positions the business is pursuing – whether they are frivolous, far-fetched values ​​that are being inflated or values ​​worth pursuing and supporting’ in spite of right and wrong ‘.

Take Dove as an example – a line of moisturizing products that carry the mission of ‘changing women’s thinking about true beauty’ through many popular campaigns in the community. Starting with the ‘insights’ strong enough for the brand strategy, this will be the fulcrum for the business ‘to rise’ in the ‘market share’ race.

Unfortunately, for many mid-range businesses in Vietnam, the position and value system are still ‘items’ that have not been properly invested when the sales pressure is still a pain every day. In the short term, optimizing products, technologies and processes will help businesses survive, but in the long run, if you want to develop a brand, you must reevaluate your own ‘survival mission’ from the perspective of customers. especially in new realities like today!

In addition, the position of the leader also brings useful experiences for the brand. For example, in the dry hand sanitizer industry, when it comes to ‘sterilization’, which brand will you think of first? The good judgment about the brand plus the efficiency exactly like ‘promise’ will be the values ​​that help businesses go further in the journey to conquer the hearts of customers!

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Price – Experience is affected by price

‘You can get any money ‘is the most suitable maxim in this case. The price set will determine the customer’s experience with the product / service or with the brand image itself. The same product brings unsatisfying customer experience

If it is sold at a low price – customers click their tongue, ‘you can get any money ‘

If sold at an average price – they sometimes find the pros and cons of the product to convince themselves of the buying decision. For example, with a vacuum cleaner: “the suction power is quite weak, but it is versatile, compact, easy to suck in every corner of the house …”

If sold at a high price – customers will scrutinize more closely, sometimes overdo the defects of the product with the frustration ‘hard earned money has been deceived’!


In short, customer experience in the interactive process will be the first bricks to bring customers on the ‘roadmap’, but like a ‘slide’, the farther you go, the more you cannot turn. So when creating ‘sound’ expectations through media, branding or pricing strategies effectively satisfy these expectations with products, experience continuity will help you win. the heart of the customer!

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