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Increase Customer Engagement 10 Times By Combining Email and SMS

Customer interaction is an important factor to expand and grow your business. Customer engagement can be defined in many ways, but ultimately it is the ongoing interaction between the customer and the company. When approached correctly, a strong customer engagement strategy can not only lead to more sales but also keep customers coming back for more.

Customer engagement takes many forms, including marketing strategy, customer care, and even product innovation to create a strong connection. However, not all participation strategies are the same.

In fact, the personalized messages have shown the best results in customer engagement. According to an Evergage study, 87% of marketers report a measurable increase from their personalization efforts.

These efforts can take many forms, including personalized sales, marketing messages, or product features. Personalized messages often use targeted data to inform how and when you communicate with your customers.

Email marketing has been a solid driver of customer engagement, but personalized SMS marketing is rapidly evolving. When both email and SMS are correctly paired, the ability to reach and exceed your ROI goals is a real possibility. To really take advantage of what these means, here is a summary of how combining email and SMS can increase customer engagement by 10x.

Email Marketing

 customer engagement

For starters, if you are looking to reach potential customers and want to increase customer engagement, then email marketing will help you best achieve that goal. In a study by Statista, active email accounts are expected to reach 5.6 billion by 2019. To keep up with the times, we need to prioritize email marketing and use it as a way to retain customers.

In addition, email has the added benefit of being able to send messages interactively and combine multimedia such as text, images, gifs, and videos. With email marketing, you can package up many details about your new product or service. You can also take advantage of images and footage to capture the reader’s attention and motivate them to take action.

Using personalization can help customers feel like you are thinking of their interests and respect their time by providing only information that is relevant to them. Using the data about which products or services your customers have subscribed to, you can then create emails specifically provided to meet their needs and preferences. In other words, personalization includes more than just knowing your customer name and using it as a consolidation tag in email subject matter. Instead, personalization should be used to build the entire email campaign.

These campaigns can be built on a prospect’s position in the sales funnel, what products the customer bought, what industry the prospect is doing, and other important information, as long as you have data stored. The right optimization software refines your approach and ensures you know the habits of your customers.

Developing a productive email campaign that includes a well-thought-out plan, measurable goals like open rate, clickthrough rate, and a number of subscribers per email. Additionally, every campaign should focus on a solid knowledge of your target audience or target audience. It is important to talk directly to them and their needs. In a time when most inboxes seem to be flooded with email, it’s important that your content is relevant and helpful to build trust with your recipients.

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Marketing via SMS

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SMS Marketing is relatively new but can make a big difference. Marketing via SMS, also known as text message marketing, can be highly effective.

Customers have actually opened up more SMS strategies, especially as they are used to convey time-sensitive information, special offers, important reminders, and new updates. The biggest attraction to SMS marketing is the numbers the SMS strategy generates around open rates and subscribers. SMS marketing has been proven to be an effective way to build relationships and communicate with customers.

In fact, for many consumers, texting is the preferred method of communication. According to Customer Think, more than 50% of customers would rather text than call, if given a choice between the two. This is especially true for young customers. Mobile Marketing Watch reports that Millennials want to communicate via text about appointments, deliveries, coupons, and other pieces of information.

Text messaging is not only a priority but can also increase the number of eyeballs that see your message. Emails can be missed or deleted, phone calls can be missed, and direct mail can be thrown away when not opened.

In an SMS Comparison study, the results showed that 98% of text messages were opened and of which 95% were answered within 3 minutes. No other delivery method has the same open rate or response rate for SMS or text message marketing.

Before you kick off and start your SMS marketing campaign, it’s first important to read and understand the rules. Just like email marketing, the terms and conditions must be read and acknowledged. Also, remember that the originator’s job is to make sure they comply with the recipients’ local laws.

In the United States, you will want to ensure that you comply with the Phone Consumer Protection Act, where consumers allow receiving messages and have the same opt-out.

In addition, customers expect professional courtesy with text messages from companies. In addition, marketing via SMS isn’t always as free as email. It is important for customers to understand any fees their phone company may charge them.

Finally, a company shouldn’t text too much. If there are too many SMS notifications in a short period of time, they unsubscribe or block those messages, and the company may not be contacted via text messages for long.

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Why Email and SMS work better together

 customer engagement

The biggest, most interesting lesson is that you don’t have to choose one over the other, instead, you’ll want to understand the many ways email and SMS can work together.

Email and SMS marketing can work together to create a strong customer experience that leads to enduring supporters. For example, you can create personalized messages using both tools. Using data from your email database, you can target and personalize your SMS, which sets up a powerful text campaign right from the very first point of contact.

Additionally, email and SMS can be used together to prepare your customers and set expectations. You can email in advance about an upcoming appointment and share what they need to do to prepare while using text messages to notify clients in real-time during the appointment date.

There are many ways to combine SMS and Email for an effective customer experience, including:

Ability to Update Contact Information – SMS can be used to retrieve lost or changed contact information faster than email.

Ability to secure customer relationships – You can use email to establish customer relationships and SMS to enhance tracking and achieve customer engagement. It can also be used to verify phone numbers and email addresses.

Faster Response – Email can be used to get information out there, but it doesn’t always guarantee customer feedback. In some cases, SMS is a great way to track and increase your chances of getting a response.

Make sure reminders are read – Use SMS as another secure method to share upcoming in-store deals, appointments, cancellations, offers, and deals.

Pairing SMS and Email can also help your company improve its marketing and customer service. For example, you can:

  • Improve key metrics – Use SMS and Email campaigns to identify ways to improve ROI, product quality, customer satisfaction, safety, and time management by submitting surveys or single questions for your customers.
  • Fine-tune content – SMS is a great channel for collecting key information that helps you refine and redesign your email content. By testing different assets and measuring click-throughs, you can quickly identify the types of content that matter.
  • Increase sales – Using data from an email database, your organization can initiate SMS campaigns that offer personalized offers to help increase sales and customer turnover. again.


Most companies try to increase Customer engagement because they want to develop a steady stream of consumers. Most people have a mobile phone and internet access, so the growth potential from these strategies is limitless. With astonishing numbers, proper optimization programs, and software, you can get accurate customer profiles and current information.

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