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Increase Effective Facebook Interaction – Secret Of “Million likes” Sales

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Selling Facebook has been hard, making it harder to increase engagement on Facebook. Thousands of online shop owners still have a headache to find a solution to this problem. To overcome the above situation, let’s learn how to increase effective Facebook interaction through the following article.

Main Content

  • What is Facebook interaction?
  • How to increase engagement on Facebook
  •  Don’t just do business on Facebook
  • Create engaging content
  • Call to action
  • Understand the product and understand customer psychology
  • Time and frequency of posting
  • Organize give away
  • Do not miss any interaction
  • Use ads to increase engagement

What is Facebook interaction?

Facebook Interaction

Facebook interaction is understood as any action a user performs on Facebook through their personal account. Types of Facebook interactions include: like, share, comment, view photos, watch videos, …

Facebook Interaction plays a very important role in online business because:

  • Help fanpage expand natural reach
  • Increase the display position of posts on message boards thanks to Facebook algorithms
  • Helping articles and fan pages reach more users, increasing free access
  • Increasing brand awareness, is the best natural communication

How to increase engagement on Facebook

To increase engagement for each article requires you to have a good marketing mindset and approach to customers. Along follow the following instructions to increase Facebook interaction to better understand.

 Don’t just do business on Facebook

The main purpose of the fanpage is to sell, but do not keep on marketing the product. Instead, create a personal profile for your brand that your customers can see and trust. Share more about effects, benefits and trivia information of the product. Show that you are an expert in the field in which you do business.

Create engaging content

Start with a bold image, followed by an engaging headline and engaging content. Image is the first weapon to help you reach customers easily. Every day they are exposed to hundreds of news items, along with many people’s shyness to read, so what is sure they will stop to see your article? Whereas images are the most visual stimulus, just by scanning, the brain has recognized the image composition. And if it attracts, customers will definitely stop to watch.

A catchy headline such as a sale will be the next thing to hit viewers’ minds. Offer specific and compelling information to boost their purchasing power.

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Call to action

Facebook Interaction

This is a pretty effective way to increase Facebook sales engagement. Add a call-to-action button such as: order now, send a message, watch a video, subscribe, … on the fanpage as well as the content of the article to promote customer actions.

Understand the product and understand customer psychology

You must know what factors your customers are most attracted to? Products provided suitable for the form of images or videos? … How can you increase Facebook engagement while you are not sure about your product or customers.

There are a few types of posts that get a lot of engagement, such as: with images that increase engagement by 39%, videos by over 60%, and emojis by 33%. Please take advantage of this in my posts.

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Time and frequency of posting

Advertisers still call the time when users are most engaged as “golden time”. So how can one find the golden time to post? There is no other way than to research your customers.

Another important consideration is the frequency of your posts. If not posted regularly, it will reduce the authenticity and popularity of the brand. And when posting too much will make followers uncomfortable when flooded with the information you convey.

Organize give away

Give away is one of the most effective natural ways to increase Facebook interaction. Giving an attractive gift will stimulate customers to pay attention to the article and want to try their luck. Please add some small requirements such as like, share, tag friends’ names, comment a certain number, … They will certainly not hesitate to follow.

Do not miss any Facebook interaction

If a customer comments on your article, even for no purpose of buying, you should also respond to those comments thoughtfully. This shows that you are always interested in their comments or feelings.

Use ads to increase engagement

This is the way to help increase the amount of engagement with the article. With an advertising campaign, Facebook will help market your articles to the most engaged people. And of course, you have to pay a cost for this action.


So we have learned how to increase engagement on Facebook effectively. Hopefully, with the recent sharing, you will have the right direction for your business and achieve unexpected results. 

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