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Increase Revenue Rapidly With 5 Ways To Sell Online Expensive Customers

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You have been selling for a long time, but your business is still only at a safe level, it is very difficult to increase sales dramatically, let’s take a look at 5 expensive online sales ways to help you increase revenue rapidly.

1.Select the product niche

sell online

If the product you sell is highly competitive, demonstrating a great demand for use and a high number of potential customers leading to a family member to sell the item like you, that is both a benefit and a disadvantage. If you do not have the potential to run ads on multiple channels or hire powerful staff, choose to sell niche products. That is the expensive way of selling online goods that young shop owners often choose.

For example, if you sell online cosmetic products, the highly competitive products will be lipstick, powder, mascara, acne cream, cleanser, … you can switch to import some beauty products to hit the market. niches such as Lipstick for lip tattoo, facial cleanser for men with acne, massage tools to slim the face, nose lift clip, …

For example, if you sell lunches but are struggling to determine your own market, you can split up and choose to enter niche markets such as low-carb diet lunches, lunches for nutritious children, low-fat snacks for office workers, …

A niche market has fewer buyers but also fewer sellers, giving you the chance to dominate the entire market in just a short time.

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2. The store has its own style and impression

If the market is too competitive and you do not make a difference to your store, it is difficult for customers to remember and choose you when there is a need. You can see the same item, but you can impress customers in many different ways, with online sales being mostly text and images. Here are some pointers to make a difference and make an impression:

– Impressive page name: If you want to sell online products with a lot of customers on Facebook, choose a name for the Fanpage that is short and easy to remember, and limit the use of English and long names because many objects are difficult to remember and find. search, you should attach the main product to the page name

– Impressive slogan: Humorous slogans will help to remember better. For example: What we are swimming, we all have, an impressive slogan of The Seafood World.

– Post title and impressive status writing status (All status turns into poems or lyrics). If you sell online on Facebook, to get customers expensive, impress customers from the first time they see your ad.

– Impressive images and colors (You can use real human models or shoot at the studio with the same colors): If you synchronize the entire Fanpage color, it’s great, it helps your fan page stand out. , easier to remember than all competitors.

3. Unique product without contact

One of the easiest ways to sell online with customers is to choose unique products, not in touch. Unique products are completely different from choosing niche markets. A niche is when you choose to sell online product that addresses a need for a small customer base or a product with specialized features that is not popular in the market. However, a unique product that is not in contact can completely be a product with a large customer base, many people use it, but the product is highly different, maybe made by yourself. Unique products that are not in contact can include hand made items such as hand made cakes, remastered second-hand items, hand made shoes, …

For example, I look for a bracelet, a lot of advertisements show up with shimmering beautiful pictures, but every store is the same, it is difficult to choose. But there is a ring shop with a very impressive antique ring, one ring, ring shop. I stopped to look and shop at the store which has an impressive and different style from the other.

4. Good price policy helps you to sell online goods

price policy

You do not need to discount continuously, but make sure the price you offer is suitable for the market, a popular item, any store can buy, but at your store, there is a high price. hard to sell.

The discount also needs to be carefully investigated to know the average price of the surrounding stores, at the same time, the price offered ensures enough profit. You can refer to some ways to make price policies and promotions attractive to sell online more expensive customers such as:

– Sales by combo, buying as much as possible

– Listing prices with the holy number 9: For example, a 200,000 product you can list for 199,000

– Give customers many options: For example, a cup of water has 3 sizes S, M, L, customers tend to choose the middle cup M with the fee is not too high, not too cheap.

– Apply for a promotion in accordance with the principle of 100: If the product is below 100k, use the discount message by%, if the amount is large, use the discount message by the amount.

5. Attentive customer service

Whether your customers sell online or at the store, make sure your customers are always satisfied, they are happy to receive enthusiastic, detailed advice, they are satisfied with the fast delivery and quality assurance or even just because of the response to messages quickly and promptly.

If you only work hard to sell and answer what customers ask, your service is still only 3 *, if you want to reach 5 * please bring comfort to customers, bring outside knowledge. Customers do not need to pay still receive.

For example, an owner who sells baby goods, in addition to selling, also instructs mothers to use sterilization bottles, how to choose suitable milk, share postnatal experiences for mothers to refer.

Besides service satisfaction, always create a trust for customers, in addition to that enthusiastic sharing, you can add some third-party papers or proofs. Eg:

– Fanpage page gets many likes and interactions

– Regularly upload reviews, feedback from real customers

– For health-related products, there should be full documentation and certification of quality products

– Having a full hotline, store address, website (if any) for customers to contact easily.

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Hopefully, with the above sharing, shop owners will have more experience to sell online goods such as hotcakes, and the revenue will skyrocket.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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