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Increase Sales For Website Sales With Video and Video Marketing

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increase sales

Increase sales for website sales with Video and Video Marketing

Video is becoming a part of our lives. YouTube, Facebook … wherever we are, we still see a lot of videos. Taking advantage of this, video marketing is a powerful and effective marketing trend, contributing largely to increase sales for website sales, businesses and brands.

So what is video marketing? How effective is video marketing? When will this trend end? All questions will be answered in the following article.

Video and video marketing are trends

Speaking of videos, we will immediately think of YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest video social network with more than 1 billion users and more than 1 billion hours of video viewing every day. Every 60 seconds, up to 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. These numbers show us how great the world’s video demand is.

In addition to YouTube, other social networks are also an alternative television, attracting millions of views every day. Among them, there is Facebook, the largest social network on the planet.

According to statistics, up to 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day, causing the number of videos on the platform to reach 8 billion by the end of 2015, and still growing strongly.

Because of such a high frequency of watching videos, this is the golden age for video marketing. Video marketing is a form of brand promotion through video. It is becoming a strategic tool for businesses to attract more customers and spread their name.

Video marketing becomes a trend, not just because more people watch it. Statistics and data analysis explain the conditions that make video marketing a great success.

The majority of YouTube users are aged 18-34, while Facebook is 18-29. Individuals at this age often converge enough factors to become an ideal customer: money, needs, shopping preferences and love trends. They are the people who pay the most, are extremely potential for marketers.

The effectiveness of video marketing in sales websites

The numbers speak for the importance of video marketing, but why can it help increase sales for website sales? Because video has special effects, more than other types of content in marketing.

The client cannot take his eyes off the video

increase sales

This is the most noticeable use of video. Any video can contain images, motion, sound and eye-catching effects. They are valuable for attracting the attention of users in a strong way.

Most people will prefer watching a video with motion rather than flipping through boring still images, reading bland lines of information about a product.

Moreover, video characteristics help diversify your storytelling, easily attract viewers. You can show a video containing images and movement, or record / create a movie to convey content. You can use music, rhythm to make the video more interesting and attractive.

In short, video affects people both psychologically and biologically. Video affects the human brain, making it difficult for anyone to resist its attraction. Many customers will linger on your website to watch the video if it really captures. This also means your chances of selling goods also increase sales. Currently, website design services can integrate video posting tools simply for customers.

Videos convey more information

Not only does video diversify the way your message is delivered, but it also helps you convey more information.

Right in the video, you can combine images, sound and subtitles to optimize the amount of information you want to convey. The human brain can fully process that information at the same time, it will even help the brain understand the problem faster and more effectively.

In the same amount of time spent, compared to viewing photos of products, customers can capture more information when watching videos. Understanding more about your product, customers will more easily make your buying decisions faster.

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How to use and note when using video marketing

With the above benefits, you definitely want to improve the video marketing capabilities for your sales website or brand. However, like any other type of content, video needs to be used properly so as not to cause negative reactions from viewers.

Choose the right video length

increase sales

The advantage of video is that it encapsulates a lot of information, but the disadvantage is that users cannot easily adjust the speed at their disposal. If you are browsing through a series of product promotional images, you can change the speed quickly and slowly depending on your needs and ability to absorb.

But changing the video speed is more annoying, if it’s too fast then can’t keep up with the content, if it’s too slow then the duration will be long while the motion is delayed and the audio is distorted. If you skip a certain segment, you can completely miss the essential content of the video.

Not to mention there are also bad videos, leading around, rambling content, making viewers bored.

For the above reasons, to be effective you need to make your marketing videos as short as possible. Although short, it must contain all the important values โ€‹โ€‹of the product, the things that users want to know most. Should quickly go straight to the topic, characteristics and message to be given in the video.

Use stock footage

Stock footage is recorded or pre-built footage that you can insert at the beginning, middle or end of your video. Its benefits are to save you time and money when taking your footage and making your own video. A small sales website, lacking economic conditions and knowledge, can still make an attractive video to promote.

Most stock footage is made by professional directors and filmmakers with advanced technology. So, if you use the right theme and purpose, your video will become very professional.

In addition, there are stock footage with a call to action theme that encourages viewers to interact, share your video, and increase efficiency for video marketing. Currently on the Internet, there are many websites that offer free and professional stock footage.

Insert caption (caption) for video

There is a critical statistic to how video marketing works today: 85% of video viewers have no sound on Facebook!

Most people turn off the sound when watching a video on Facebook. While this negates one nice element of video – audio – it is very relevant to consumer psychology: feeling disturbed. They do not want to be interfered with, interrupting Facebook activities by the sound of advertising, and will have aversion to brands that use reputable videos.

So what is the solution?

Regarding this issue, Facebook also gives a very important metric: adding subtitles to the video increases the video viewing time by 12%.

So, instead of using audio to distract the user’s attention, add subtitles to the marketing video on Facebook, even other social networks like YouTube, Google + … This helps users to have can understand the content of the video without being turned on, making them feel more comfortable, and will be more interested in videos and brands.

Livestream is also video

The video is also divided into many other small forms, among them, the livestream is very popular.

20% of all videos on Facebook are livestreams.

Livestream is a real-time experience. The video livestream feels very real, most real compared to other forms. Furthermore, being able to see what happens at the shooting location and location helps viewers believe what comes out in the video is real.

This is a great benefit for website sales, is a powerful tool to win customers’ trust.

So, let’s incorporate livestreams to increase the effectiveness of video marketing, as well as increase sales for your sales website.


Video marketing has never been as effective as it is now, when millions of people watch videos and billions of hours of video are watched every day. When video becomes an indispensable part of life, video marketing is a job that should not be missed to increase sales for website sales.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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