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Increase User Experience By Improving Website Design Quality

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user experience

There is a close relationship between user experience and website design quality. A quality website will give users a great experience.

Most businesses operating on the website want to give customers the best experience. But to do that, the website needs special attention. So how to improve website design, bring User experience to users as expected of the business

Improved website navigation

user experience

If you visit websites with clear and detailed navigation, it is certain that you will know what you want, know what activities you have to do next, even be attracted to one thing. attractive guide. Or at least not feel uncomfortable about unintended navigation.

Website navigation will directly affect the user experience. If the navigation is good, clear, and closely linked, the longer users will stay on your site, even increasing the likelihood of converting into revenue. On the contrary, if the navigation is complicated, the user experience will quickly leave your website, and a zero return.

We can take the Amazon homepage as an example. Any navigation information is easy to find and specific. Just a glance, even, no need for users too proficient or familiar with this website, Amazon can still guide users with necessary information. They display promotional items, promotional information for the day – which is very attractive to every customer.

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Image optimization

What to do to attract customers at first sight? The answer is image optimization.

A beautiful store is a store that attracts customers, similarly, your website has a beautiful, professional image, will also become more sympathetic in the hearts of customers. Focusing on website design, the visual style that the website wants to target, and adhering to the brand positioning is one of the ways to increase user experience on the website.

Capture the right customer insight


Customers are always in need of demanding more and want higher than what the business can do. Therefore, doing enough is not all, but businesses must also know how to properly capture customers’ insights.

If your website is an e-commerce site with lots of attractive products, customers will need to see a clear classification on the page to match their selection needs. If your website is a site that provides information for professional readers, the page will need clear instructions and have a professional, simple, modern design.

Capturing the right insight of customers, not only helps your website increase attractiveness for new customers. But the “agreement” between this business and the user experience will also help your website, keep a deep impression on old customers.

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Find out the “hot” point of the website

user experience


How do you know what your customers have interacted with on your site? Don’t worry that the heat map will help you solve that, and at the same time produce the most accurate statistical results, helping you improve your website.

One of the best ways to improve website rate is to find out how users read content on your website. In what areas do they focus? What information catches their attention? All will be displayed via the heatmap (also known as the heat map).

Heatmap or heat map is a special type of chart, using colors (warm colors – red – to cool – blue) to highlight exactly which areas of the page are focused on. most or most.

Through the heatmap, the “hot” spots of the website stand out. You will know which places get the most attention from customers and which are places with less attention. To use this magic heatmap, you can take the help of tools like:

Use a CDN

If the goal of a website is to provide the best user experience, page load speed is also something to look out for. The difference between how fast and slow a website is, can lead to a huge discrepancy between the customer purchase rates.

In that case, CDN is an extremely effective tool, can help your website improve speed, increase user experience. Accordingly, CDN stands for Content Delivery Network (roughly translated as a content delivery network). With a system of servers located in many parts of the world, it will help optimize the access speed and improve the website’s quality.


In short, effective website optimization is not a simple thing. This must be a long-term, persistent pursuit by the business, an endless race of updating and innovation.

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