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Launch a successful product hunt

product hunt

I was fortunate to have 2 successful Product Hunt launches – both of which hit No. 2 product hits for the day.

I am often asked how it was done and how can others successfully emulate this to put their product out of the box # 1-5. While part is due to luck, I can confidently say that much of success is due to planning and preparation. This means you can also successfully simulate this on Product Hunt.

Why hunt for products?

Product Hunt is the place to showcase your products. When done well, you can expect thousands of new hits to your website from passionate and well connected marketers, tech enthusiasts, and business founders. If you can only launch your product on one platform, select Product Hunting.

There are plenty of great online resources that detail a successful launch on Product Hunt, and I’ve linked some of the resources below that have helped me:

  • Detailed plan for each step of the project
  • Product Hunt’s own guide
  • A 10-Step Guide to Launching Product Search # 1

In order not to re-share existing information, I will just tell you what I did that you can simulate.

The way I successfully debuted twice on Product Hunt

Here are two products I featured on Product Hunt:

  • Free Delesign design

Both received the # 2 product for the day, thousands of hits to our website, valuable feedback, and lots of new users.

Free Designs by Delesign is a  product hunt careers that has a very high chance of getting into the top 5, even without a lot of planning. Why? Well, it’s a platform that offers free customizable high-quality illustrations, icons, templates, and more. Nothing is sold and immediately it can provide immense value to startups, marketers, developers and entrepreneurs – exactly who is active on Product Hunt.

However, Delesign is not the kind of product you can expect to do very well in Product Hunt. It’s not free (in fact expensive compared to the product offerings at Product Hunt), not necessarily a product (it’s a manufactured service), and not necessarily something that everything is. People can be easily tested as they can a widget. However, we are still able to reach number 2 for the day.

Below I will discuss the methods I used to successfully launch these two products on Product Hunt.

Delesign launch on Product Hunt

As for the Delesign Product Hunt launch, I started completely dry in Product Hunt. Honestly, I didn’t even know Product Hunt until a few days before we decided to launch on their platform.

I realized that it could be a helpful way for us to reach potential customers and get feedback on our services, and since it’s free why don’t you try it out?

I have filled in the required information to submit our product. I added some of the existing content that we previously created to my Product Hunt list, found a good template to use as a first comment to our product hunt logo, and submitted the project to midnight.

When I woke up the next morning, I was shocked to see hundreds of people supporting our product. At the end of the day, we were listed as the 2nd coveted product of the day, featured in their email newsletter and advertised on Product Hunt‘s social media channels!

Did I mention that we debuted at Christmas? Saying it was a Merry Christmas is an understatement.

It was luck that allowed me to do the right things for this debut. That said, that doesn’t mean this success was just luck or impossible to emulate. In fact, there are specific things I did that led to a successful launch:

  1. Launch on a day you estimate less competition. Holidays like Christmas are likely to be less competitive, which means you’ll have the most chances of making the top 5 list. While this may mean less traffic on the Product Hunt website, if you hit positions 1-5, you will be featured in the more inbound Product Hunt email newsletter. 400,000 people subscribe and get featured on their social media. This compensates for the lower Product Hunt traffic.
  2. Provide an incentive for Product Hunt users to engage with your posts. I gave users a big discount if they left comments on our posts. In addition to increasing our engagement and helping more eyeballs visit our site, this also initiates conversations with interested customers.
  3. Spend time creating high-quality designs. If the product itself and your Product Hunt list look professional, you will be more likely to receive a positive response from the Product Hunt community.
  4. Make use of a successful launch. If you get the Product Hunting badge, wear it proudly and take advantage of it to get published on other online channels.

Introducing Delesign free designs on Product Hunt

For the second product launch, I rolled out a large collection of free customizable illustrations, icons, and templates created by the Delesign team. Like our first debut, we ended up as the # 2 product of the day.

To avoid repeating the previous notes mentioned above, I’m only covering the only actionable items you can get from this launch below:

  1. Pre-setup your product on Product Hunt. Admittedly I couldn’t foresee the Product Hunt launch. I waited until the last minute of the launch day to start setting up our list on the Product Hunt website. This led to a few last-minute scares, which were fortunately overcome.
  2. Don’t spam. It is necessary to promote your products effectively. If you are posting in online groups, make sure that each post is tailored to that group and give them real value. We were lazy about this and I believe our Facebook ad posts get less reach since we create many very similar posts in a short span of time.
  3. Tag users in your responses for their comments on your listing. I only use the reply function to reply to people who have commented on our list and do not explicitly tag these users in my messages. Most users won’t get a notification unless you tag them in your response.
  4. Above all, make sure that your product has value to the Product Hunt community. Spend time talking to real people and asking for their honest feedback about your product and making sure your product looks professional before launching it on Product Hunt.

In conclusion

By following this guide, you will greatly increase your launch rate successfully and product hunt careers The luckiest!

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