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Social Media Platform Tips: Lead Generation On Twitter, Youtube, Other Platforms

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Do you remember Common Social Media For Lead Generation Campaign Mistakes part 1 and part 2? nd today we will share with you about Social lead generation. As a result, sales and marketing professionals are constantly looking for new ways to improve their lead generation strategy. In fact, 68% of B2B marketers ranked “creating high-quality leads” as their top priority this year

However, despite the exponential growth of the social network over the past five years, B2B companies are skeptical of its effectiveness as a lead generation tool. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to put your reservation aside. Here’s why:

  • Among internet users, 76% of Americans use social media
  • For at least six hours a week, 66% of marketers see the benefits of lead generation with social media
  • Social media has a 100% higher lead rate than outside marketing.
  • The social lead conversion rate is 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate

Creating leads through social media is fast, cost-effective, and relatively easy to do. Want to turn your social presence into a B2B lead engine? Check out our top tips below.

1. Lead Generation on Twitter – Social lead generation

A magnificent 82 percent of social media-generated leads come from Twitter. Social media is all about connecting with an audience, that’s why 74 percent of businesses use Twitter to distribute content material.

Here are a few smart ways to generate ability leads with a tweet:

  • Schedule your tweets. Analyze your target market to look at what time of the day they may be most probably to be online. Allocating a particular time all through the day to your Twitter obligations is a great exercise.
  • Use Bitly.Com. Twitter is popular due to the fact the content is short, fast, and fuss-free. If you want to percentage article links, use bitly.Com to shorten your URLs and music what number of clicks they obtain.
  • Easy at the hashtags. Keep your hashtags to a minimum. One or two hashtags in step with the post are sufficient. Nobody wants to study tweets with the ‘#’ image throughout them.
  • Go for paid tweets and commercials. Just like Facebook advertisements, paid tweets and commercials are good methods to attain a wider target market. However, ensure to section your audience whilst rolling out paid advertisements. Customizing your advertisements to target precise audiences will help your ROI, supplying greater target audience engagement and growing click-through prices.

Do you know How ‘Social’ is Social Media?

2. Lead Generation on YouTube – Social lead generation

About 77 percent of small corporations have used YouTube for advertising and marketing functions. To date, motion pictures are the quickest-growing sort of content material on the internet. IT and software groups can harness the conversion powers of video content material with the aid of generating an awesome blend of tutorials and advertising motion pictures.

Cisco predicted that via 2019, approximately 80 percent of all purchaser internet traffic will be generated by using net video visitors. That’s large!

Here are some brilliant methods to faucet into the strength of video traffic the use of YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube Channel. A single video isn’t sufficient. You have to provide you with regular amazing video content to preserve your target audience’s interest. Creating a YouTube channel will assist you to arrange what you post and assist users to discover your content material.
  • Create pinnacle nice content. Make positive your video content is something really worth sharing. Keep your films quick, informative, and wonderful and those will communicate approximately it for months. Don’t restrict your self to tutorials. Even in case you’re promoting era, there are numerous methods to spin Use keywords within the video identify. An exact video identify does half of the task of getting your audience’s interest if they appear to stumble upon a social hyperlink. But adding keywords to your video’s name will help human beings discover it in the event that they’re virtually firing up a Google seek.
  • Add applicable links to your YouTube movies. Embedding a URL that ends in your corporation’s landing page or Facebook web page is a good way to steer your target market from one social media platform to another other. If a viewer wants to examine more, don’t make it tough for them to get for your web page.
  • Serialized motion pictures. If you’ve got a social media campaign, supplement it with YouTube video content material and release it as a sequence. This is a great tactic to interact with your traffic and fans more than one times.
  • Share! Don’t depend upon YouTube on my own. Share the movies throughout all of your social media channels to generate more leads from various touchpoints. This is a way effectively to get social lead generation. 

3. Lead Generation on Other Social Media Platforms

When generating leads with social media or Social lead generation. it’s vital to reach out to your audience using channels you’ve targeted as being famous together with your audience. The four structures referred to above are a getting leaping off point, especially for B2B businesses. These four structures are the most broadly utilized by worldwide audiences with LinkedIn the hands-down winner for B2B companies.

  • Content Marketing and Social Media

Content advertising and social media move hand in hand. You need to have a great content material marketing system backing up your social media efforts to certainly be capable of supply your brand the satisfactory exposure. Here are a few other content material sorts (apart from blogs/posts) that you can create for clean promotion on social media:

  • Whitepapers/Guides

Whitepapers are in-intensity, authoritative reviews. These are the educational version of a corporation’s advertising content material. Unlike eBooks and publications, whitepapers are meant to be basically instructional, making them one of the least famous however most useful content material sorts available.

  • eBooks

Yes, eBooks are a way to get Social lead generation you should know. Because it is usually meant to be extra entertaining than whitepapers however additionally want to be instructional. Design is in particular vital because eBooks without shades, photos, and outstanding formatting are commonly not taken into consideration worth studying.

  • Infographics

Infographics generally tend to get greater views, stocks and likes than other content material sorts because they may be a tremendous way to offer useful statistics in a placing visual layout. However, understand that an accurate infographic may be pricey to provide, so both parents out a price-effective production approach or don’t overdo it.


Social lead generation is a top-notch manner to stand out from the gang. A correct social media method will let you join and construct relationships with audiences you could now not were able to interact with otherwise.

If you put the paintings into building an outstanding brand presence online today, you won’t need to worry approximately the shape of your income funnel the next day. So keep these points in mind and begin taking gain of social media now to maintain one greater step beforehand of the competition.

Hopefully, these tips is useful for you.

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