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The Way Of Presenting Website To Attract Customers

attract customers

 The website has always been an important and sustainable foundation of every business. However, to have a beautiful website, attracting visitors to perform the actions that the seller wants is not easy. If you have set up a website – the face of the business, you can not do it through the loudspeaker, customers will look at it and evaluate your brand, products, as well as it is difficult to make decisions. intend to buy on a website presented unprofessionally.

After clearly orienting the purpose of the website to use, proceed with the design and do not forget to apply the following notes to have a beautiful and attract customers

The layout is simple, clear, and easy to understand

attract customers

Many sellers often make the mistake of always wanting to “carry” all kinds of “flowers, birds” in the world to “decorate” their website. Everyone wants their website to be the most sparkling and magnificent. But visitors don’t think so, they will only see complexity and will not know what to do next.

Your goal is for the customer to make a purchase or take the desired action such as leaving contact information, a meeting call, etc., not to be mesmerized. because the creative design “top” and then “to fall in love” do not know where to buy, right? Try to cut down on unnecessary things such as: too many icons, images, rambling news, or advertisements,  .. .  to don’t attract customers from the main points of the website you want to press. strong.

One of the prominent website design trends in 2019 is the card-style layout. Using tags will make the topic or product stand out and make it easier for users to follow. In addition, it also attracts the users’ eyes with new collections or advertising banners of the shop. This also helps the website to be more responsive than other types of layout.

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Pay attention to use fonts

Despite knowing that there are many beautiful, sophisticated fonts, website design is so that it is accessible to all visitors. Therefore, it is recommended to use simple, popular fonts that any device accessing your website can display all the content to be conveyed.

You can use the popular fonts that are used in the media with huge daily traffic such as: Arial, Times New Roman, Ariel, Helvetica, Verdana…. This will make it easier to attract customers to receive information from your website and make them more comfortable to read.

Create a highlight in Website

attract customers

The main point is the indispensable part to direct the visitor’s attention to the content that has important meaning as well as convey the main purpose of the website. The accent should stand in a fixed position and stand out from the others.

Best on the page should have only one point. Find out what’s most important on that website and highlight that. Your emphasis should be directly related to your web goals and priorities and your wants to attract customers. For example, attractive promotions for the month, or new collection launches, …

Prioritize using pictures instead of words

In the midst of a time when users are “overwhelmed” by dozens of information, instead of long, boring words, you should use images to post on the website. This is always an effective advertising method, to attract customers to have a more intuitive view of your product. Online consumer surveys show that a third of shopping time is spent looking at pictures and 67% of interviewed consumers rate image quality as “very important” when deciding to buy.

Note when using images on the website:

1. Use high-quality images, related to products:

Choose images that describe the product related to the article content, good image quality, pleasant colors, suitable image size. The content of the photo should provide as much information as possible, but it should be clearly presented, do not stuff too much unnecessary information on the image. It will attract customers

2. Naming images is good for SEO

Don’t skip the image naming process if you want your website to be on top of the search engine results (SEO) page soon. The default photo names like 123.jpg, IMG_1234… are not professional names. Please name the image after the title of the post without spaces and spaces by dashes, which will help search engines know that your website or photo has that content to show to users when they search.

3. Compact photo size

With high-quality images, the size of the image will increase, this also makes the web loading speed slow, the difference of a few seconds of website loading also makes users uncomfortable. Therefore, optimize the images to the appropriate size while ensuring the quality of the images that are attractive and easy to see. Some photo editing tools can be referenced as Adobe Photoshop, PicMonkey, FotoFlexer, …

4.  Take a photo yourself if possible:

Website sales really need realistic images for customers to trust the product, trust the seller through what is shown on the web. With selfies, you can also optionally arrange and choose outstanding details to highlight the strengths of the product.

5. Photo with motion effects

A completely new trend in website design sales that you should not ignore is the motion effect. Products will be displayed with movements with different viewing angles. This unique appearance will give users first impressions and a clearer, more detailed view of your product. This is very important for products that have a purchase depending on the customer’s emotions (fashion, gifts, jewelry, …).


If your website has fully implemented the above notes then congratulations, you have a really attractive sales page. Your job now is to just market your products well and close them quickly. On the contrary, if you are planning to set up  your website to attract customers , please refer to the tips above. Good luck!

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Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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