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Tips for Making SMS Marketing Interesting

The age of digital technology and the mobile industry develops strongly. Each individual owns at least 1-2 cell phones. Taking advantage of businesses, business people take SMS Marketing as a popular marketing channel with low cost, bringing more effectiveness compared to other forms of advertising such as distributing leaflets, newspapers, television …

Therefore, everyday consumers receive a series of messages from carriers, from service descriptions to sales to congratulations or announcements. However, the situation of taking advantage of spam SMS, or phishing messages leads to psychological suspicion, and most of them will consider it as spam and delete it.

So how do you keep your messages on the client computer, in this article we would like to share some tips to help SMS Marketing become more effective.

  1. Identify your target customers

If you want an ad that does not carry spam SMS, you need to target the right customers. You have a very good product, you create a great advertisement, your service is very professional. But you convey to the wrong audience. Then everything becomes worthless, your messages are still considered spam.

  • First of all, identify who your audience is?
  • Are the people earning at what rate?
  • Needs, preferences and psychology?

Like a girl who doesn’t like the slightest bit of text about razors, or a man who is not interested in beauty spa services at all.

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  1. Comply with regulations when implementing SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Regardless of how bad your message is, you need to comply with anti-spam laws and factors of fine customs, politics and human rights. Let’s find out the rules when implementing SMS marketing in our following article.

  1. Get acquainted before the sale after

You will be extremely annoyed when you are urged to buy by the constant advertising marketing SMS messages and from an unknown person. Everything will be easier if starting with messages to customers happy birthdays, appointment reminders, announcements of new products or promotions … Leaving a good first impression is always should do.

Please take back all customers’ information, when asking for benefits such as discounts, or small souvenir gifts for guests. When there is new information, discounts, new menus … remember the customer base collected.

  1. Obtain consent from customers

Please ask the client for permission before sending a message, because no one likes to be disturbed, especially the messages that are not related to your needs. So you should have the consent from the customer, just send the content committed to the customer and commit to maximum security, respect the customer phone number as with your own number, because it is important personal information.

  1. Say what the customer wants – not what you want

SMS Marketing

You should grasp the psychology of each customer to do sms marketing. To give them the most useful information you can divide by gender, age, region, or many other factors to consider sending out a message tailored to the psychology and needs of the customer.

For men, the ego, masculinity, and manliness will be enhanced. Your message should emphasize this point. Women again value the lightness, sophistication, admiration for the beauty, and the rights of the women. . The southerners attach great importance to the new, the design, and the brand. Northern people value price, quality, and familiar brands.

Deliver clear benefits to your customers, they will give you access, and it’s possible that your product will become familiar to customers in the near future.

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  1. Use correct language

Show respect to customers, ensure content is conveyed accurately, avoid content being misunderstood into other issues. No matter how you send it, use good, concise, and concise language with a clear message. Absolutely limit the “sassy-teen” language of today’s youth, it reduces your seriousness in the eyes of customers, and that is not our Quoc Ngu script!

  1. Send the message at the right time

SMS Marketing

Consider the timetable for texting customers, and the frequency of sending a message, avoid sending them during busy times, or when they need a break. For example, office workers, during office hours, they are busy, and noon is the time to rest, do not want to be disturbed. So, find out the customer’s time frame to implement your SMS marketing without disturbing your customers and use SMS marketing software to automate your messaging campaigns.


No matter what kind of company you own, you can maximize the benefits of your SMS marketing by dedicating time to crafting effective messages, analyzing your customer demographics, investing in an SMS-specific sales marketing team, and promoting your SMS marketing throughout your companyโ€™s media.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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