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Top 10 App Marketing Methods in 2020

App Marketing

Currently, more than 5 million apps have been released in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The results of the studies show that users typically only install the top-listed apps. So, if you are cherishing application development, you need to think of a very important step – App Marketing. Today’s post will reveal 10 strategies you can test to increase your App visibility.

1. Provide a free version of the application

App Marketing



For this strategy, you need to offer the free Lite version of the app along with certain features. This free version will form the initial user base. You should then implement ads related to the paid features to get users to upgrade to higher versions. Note, features of the Freemium version should be carefully selected; since these features will carry the “responsibility” of encouraging users to switch to the paid version.

2. Optimize app description content

App descriptions play an important role in Marketing. When users are looking for a certain application, they will be prompted for the top 5 applications. So make sure your apps are displayed in the right place. The use of appropriate keywords, accurate and simple app descriptions is the key to improving the app’s rating. In addition, the application developer is also required to provide features of the correct quality as outlined in the description.

3. Dedicated Website and Landing Page

Another effective App Marketing strategy you can test is to create a dedicated Web page and Landing Page.

At the Web site, you can make the most of your creativity to showcase individual application features, as well as emphasize the difference between your product and existing applications on the market. . In addition, you can also add a few more screenshots of the application. Note, when developing a Web site, be sure to follow SEO strategies.

4. Google Ads and Facebook Ads

App Marketing

Advertising is the factor that effectively drives app marketing. However, this process does require a certain budget. The ads we see on Facebook or Google are paid advertising. When a user performs a search on Google, most likely, the first 2 display results have been applied as an advertising strategy. These are great platforms that are worth your experience in marketing your application.

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5. Influencer Marketing

Working with an influential individual in the community to promote the application will bring about very practical results. All you have to do is find the right “candidate”. To do this, you must study the characteristics of those who are fans of that influencer. Next, choose which influencers own the audience you want for your app marketing. The influencer marketing campaign is also budget-related, but this amount will depend on the influencer’s request.

6. Application dedicated blog

At Blog, you can mention the unique features your app will bring to users. In addition, Blog is also the place to announce the latest updates, detailed instructions on how to use the application, provide Video products to promote the application …

7. Email Marketing

One of the other app marketing methods you can test in 2021 is Email Marketing. Email potential customers to introduce your application. Note, don’t forget to include a downloadable link directly in the Email so users can download the app just by clicking this link.

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8. Podcast Marketing

If your application offers fashion-related products or services, you can create Podcasts about this niche and deliver messages to users. Note, it is important to ensure quality content is delivered to listeners.

9. Improved application rating

App Marketing

You can access review platforms to highlight your application. Good reviews are perfect proof that your app deserves to be downloaded by your users. However, to be featured on trusted review platforms is not easy. Your app marketing should have great graphics, really good content, and smooth operability.

10. Marketing through technology conferences

The trend of Webinar organizations and technology conferences is becoming more and more popular, and these are the right platforms for you to promote your application products. You can attend conferences with the right target audience and prepare the necessary steps to promote your app marketing.


Application marketing is just as important as the application development process. App Marketing helps your products to be known by many people, increasing the popularity in the exciting app market now and in the future. So, make sure you’re using the right strategies to promote your app marketing.

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