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Top 7 Tools For Customer Insights

In the digital age, we have too much customer data at our disposal. However, there are marketers who find it difficult to define their audience. They don’t know who their customers are or what they want. This leads to broad assumptions that may or may not be applicable to potential customers. Unfortunately, this does not help in this case.

Most customers are currently online on the internet and they leave traces of data on social media sites and search engines. This data provides customer insights that brands should analyze. Customer-centric marketers use all kinds of tools to better understand their customers. Since there are so many online internet tools available, even for small groups, there’s no reason not to dig deeper. So, in this post, I will present Top 7 Tools For Customer Insights. Let’s explore it.

1. Youtube analytics – Best tool for customer insights

You may have posted a lot of videos on YouTube, but do you know who is watching them? Maybe your users are completely different from what you expected?

YouTube users post 300 hours of YouTube video per minute (Source:  unmetric.com ) and its analytics can provide a great deal of great insights for customers. Youtube analytics is one of the best tools for customer insights.

How to define your audience on YouTube?

To find out who your real audience is, click the demographics tab, where you’ll find information about the location and age of your video viewers. Once you know who your audience is, you’ll be able to create more personalized content, meet their needs, and increase conversions.

The Retention Rate shows the average watch time for videos. This is important because Google uses retention rate to evaluate whether or not viewers find your content interesting. If your retention rate is high, your search rankings will also be high. If the average retention rate is low (below 25%), you should consider reducing the video length.

Get more visitors to your website with YouTube Analytics

Did you know that by using YouTube Analytics, you can attract more visitors to your website? By looking at the analytics for each video, you can find out where viewers are interacting with your content and when they leave. When you find out when regular viewers leave your video, you can add a call to visit your website about ten seconds before that point.

2. Google’s Audience Retention – Great tool for customer insights

Google Surveys is one of the great customer insight tools for developing a clear understanding of who your customers are by doing custom surveys to target a specific audience.

You can specify what data you want to collect from age, geography, gender, family structure, and income to ensure that it is relevant to your content and audience.

Google Surveys is another great tool for developing a clear understanding of who your customers are by conducting custom surveys to target specific audiences.

Focus groups are available. You get more results within a few days instead of a few results over a few weeks and they will be useful when you write summaries. And they don’t cost much with a starting price of 10 cents per response.

Ask a question and Google will present it to the relevant user.

3. Google Trends – Amazing tool

Google Trends is high-rated as one of the most amazing tools for customer insights. Using Google Trends you can confirm your assumptions about the interests of users.

If you’re still trying to figure out what topics your users might like, Google Trends can help.

Consider this example.

Using Google Trends, you can confirm your assumptions about the interests of your audience.

You are a beauty brand and you want to stay on top of the next trends in makeup videos. Using Google Trends, your marketing team can figure out which beauty trends are rising and falling.

Currently, videos showing ‘foundation makeup is hot while’ Eye makeup for the party ‘has become less popular. Compare how these search terms performed over the years on Google Trends. Google Trends shows the most popular topics in your niche. Once you know what they care about, you can create content that meets their needs. For example, if people are interested in coral pink, you can post some related videos on YouTube.

Can’t decide what each video should be about?

Google Trends can also help here. Use the ‘related search’ option to find out top boost and search searches. This information will help you find out what the user is looking for.

With all this in mind, this is one of the best tools for customer insights.

4. Google Analytics – Popular analytics software for customer insights

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics software. It tracks the traffic to your website along with the performance of different websites.

Using Google Analytics, you can also find out where your visitors are coming from, how much time they spend on their website and geographic distribution.

One of the best features of this software for customer insights is Goal Funnel

Goal Funnel is especially important for marketers and retail websites. Set up a list of URLs customers click through when they complete a purchase. This feature allows you to find out how many customers are going through the purchase process.

You will also be able to find out how many of them give up on a purchase at a given period. Using this information, you can adjust your strategies and make the buying experience easier.

Google will also show the keywords people use to find your website.

Analyze their behavior on your website to find out which page is attracting the most visitors and where they are coming from.

This is wht Google analytics is one of the most popular customer analytics software

5. Social Mention – Free tool for customer insights

This is a free tool for customer insights that provides real-time analysis of social media. Social Mention manages the social media mentions of your brand into a single stream and includes hashtags, top keywords, and website.

This is a free tool that provides a real time analysis of social media.  It organizes social media mentions of your brand into a single stream and includes hashtags, top keywords, and sites.

Social mentions are a hit with social media enthusiasts. More than 100 social networks are followed by this tool. It is a great free social listening tool available to marketers.

The social mention provides an in-depth analysis of data and influence measures in four categories: sentiment, motivation, passion and outreach.

6. Facebook Audience Insights – Best tool for customer insight

Facebook Audience Insights differs from Page Insights and client demographics by gender, age, relationship status, lifestyle, and job role. In addition, the tool reports Facebook likes, purchases, and usage.

Here’s how to use Facebook Audience Insights:

Access tools

Go to Ad Manager and click on Tools. You will find it in the top right. From the drop-down list, choose Audience insights. Or use the following URL to go directly to Audience Insights:  www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights.

Select Audience

  • Select the audience whose data you want to analyze.
  • Everyone on Facebook
  • People connected to your site
  • Custom object

If your website has a large fan base or custom audience, analyze them first.

If you can’t decide on the right audience, choose the ‘Everyone on Facebook’ option. This option provides more details.

7. Hootsuites Insights

For those who have more budgets and need something more complicated, then Hootsuite Insights may be worth it. Formerly uberVu, this tool provides depth-level data across your multiple accounts and social platforms, not just Twitter. Again, there’s no scoring system if you’re looking for that kind of tracking or satisfaction method, but there are a ton of other stats and metrics you can track over time to determine how well you are doing its efficiency.


Market research can be quite expensive, but you can save a lot if you do your own research. With the right research, you’ll have a chance to better understand your target customers’ buying habits and behaviors. Just try any of the tools provided above and you will be able to understand your customers better. I hope that this article of Top 7 Tools For Customer Insights has brought to you much helpful information.

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