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Understanding Inbound Marketing and How to Apply It

Inbound Marketing

Is your business experiencing an inconsistent conversion rate despite spending a lot of money on advertising? Or is it difficult to reach and persuade customers? Maybe the old form of marketing is no longer suitable for your business. At this point, Inbound Marketing will definitely be an effective approach that you should try to apply right away to your business.

Inbound Marketing includes many steps and combined tools to help turn a stranger into a real customer for the business. So what is inbound marketing really? How to implement Inbound Marketing most effectively?

What is Inbound Marketing? Where did it come from?

What is Inbound Marketing? It is a way of reaching customers based on content and engagement. To bring useful value to customers about questions related to products or services of the business. Through channels like Blogs, search engines and social networks in Inbound Marketing. Potential customers will be the ones actively looking for businesses.

Easier to understand, Inbound Marketing both help customers solve the problems they encounter. Both help businesses reach potential customers. Make them trust the brand and ultimately make them buy.

Inbound Marketing was created by a company specializing in developing and selling software for Marketing and sales in the US called HubSpot. And quickly becomes a new trend that many businesses embrace in modern marketing.

Why should businesses apply Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing

Nowadays, customers are no longer trusting advertisements and commitments from suppliers. This is obvious because customers have to watch too many advertisements from TV, Radio, billboards, leaflets … From across the street to every corner of the Internet: Google, Facebook, social networks, Mobile Apps … Therefore but ad blocking software was born and developed according to human needs.

In the age of more and more competitors, customers are also increasingly suspicious and difficult to approach like today. Inbound Marketing is definitely a worthwhile plan for you to learn and put into practice.

Can inbound Marketing be considered a marketing method “0 VND”?

There is almost no free marketing method. And Inbound Marketing is definitely not a marketing method “zero dong”. On the other hand, building and implementing an Inbound Marketing campaign will need to invest time, effort and money. Some of the main tasks that you need to perform when implementing Inbound Marketing will be:

Create “quality” content

You will need to start with customer research to create “quality” content to attract customers. Find out what problems the customer is having with the product. Since then, they can invest in creating content that meets their needs and makes a good impression on customers. However, there is no guarantee that the content you create will be effective. So you also need to spend part of the cost for testing as well.

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Post content where customers can see it

After having “quality” content, how to make your article reach customers is also a matter to handle. Now you need to distribute content through tools such as SEO, Forum, social networks …

Interacting with customers

To increase customer engagement, you need to invest in personnel costs, support tools, and customer care before, during, and after the sale.

To have a really effective Inbound Marketing campaign requires you to invest a lot of effort, time to money. Here, we will not focus on advertising, mass media, but on creating content that attracts customers. And of course, every investment in resources requires money. Therefore, Inbound Marketing cannot have the price “0 VND”.

If you are having trouble reaching and persuading customers. Inbound Marketing will be the “savior” for you in this case. Boldly give up the old way of doing research and immediately apply Inbound Marketing to see the difference.

4 steps to implement Inbound Marketing campaign

Set up an effective customer acquisition strategy

It is important that we find the right people wishing to use the product, willing to leave information if needed. And above all, the satisfaction of our users when they buy the product we offer. To do this, first of all, you need to clearly define a portrait of a prospective customer (Buyer Personas), also known as a lead. You need to find out the interests, expectations, and interests of the majority of the customers that you want to target. Also, do not leave out the personal information and demographics of the customer set. When you identify a customer portrait, you will determine the goals your business needs to target.

Some tools to help attract potential customers to the Website:


Social Media

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Pages (each Web page)


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing originates from blogging. Blogging is the best way to attract new customers to your website. In order for these customers to find it, you should build valuable Content that provides useful, conversational information to your readers. And answer their questions.

Social Media

Share information that is prominent, of high value and relevant to the target group that you originally identified on social networking sites. These shares are expressed by words close to the customers’ customs and culture. In addition to content, you need to choose the right social network channel that customers use because there are hundreds of different types of social networks around the world.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Today’s customers often begin the online buying process by searching for information. They are interested through search engines such as Google Search, Bing….

So it is important that you get your site to appear in the best position every time they search. To do that, you choose to analyze keywords that customers use when searching (Keywords), optimize Web pages, create content, add more links from pages in the areas that customers frequently visit. counter.

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Pages (each Web page)

Inbound Marketing

Website optimization, making it beautiful and coherent is very important to keep customers coming to your website. A good website is like a “silent” salesman. The information on the site at this time should be highly conductive. At the same time provide more useful information to entice customers to visit / read all the information you provide.


Inbound marketing helps to attract customers to visit the web, convert to Leads, and increase the rate of successful sales of these Leads. At the same time, create spread from customers who have purchased. That is why Inbound Marketing is increasingly being used by businesses in their marketing strategies.

Hope the sharing from the article has helped you better understand Inbound Marketing as well as how to apply and deploy the most effective way.


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