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Video advertising trends for 2020 that you don’t know about

video advertising

By 2020, the video advertising trends we already use will evolve with new trends becoming the norm.

Video will undoubtedly be the core area for marketers to focus their efforts on – according to the latest video marketing statistics, video increases search traffic by 157%.

But creating the right type of video ad and serving it on the most lucrative platforms is something marketers will have to be aware of online video advertising

In the article below, we look at video advertising trends coming to you in 2020 so that you or your ad agency can prepare your strategy.


1. Video advertising platform

The popularity of video ads will only increase, but by 2020 the platforms on which video ads will appear will expand.

Over the past few years, there has been a strong focus on creating Video advertising for video-focused platforms – YouTube, Instagram and finally Facebook.

But this is not the only channel that marketers should be looking to advertise. Twitter and Pinterest are creating their own space in the successful, video ad segment.

LinkedIn video ads are also gaining popularity – if personalized correctly, LinkedIn video ads can help build community and diversify your LinkedIn content.

There’s no limit to the platforms you plan to promote in 2020 – you could reach a whole lot more if you expand the platforms you use the online video advertising

2. Segmented Video Ads

We covered personalization, and it’s going to be an important part of advertising, videos in 2020, and more.

Analytics will be every marketer’s friend, even more so – delving into the engagement your content is getting gives you a good idea of ​​who your audience is using online video advertising

However, avoid focusing your efforts on demographics – it’s important to know your audience’s age and gender, but you should consider behavioral segments.

This means understanding what stage your customers are at, what they are expecting, how they interact with their online factors, their needs and their frustrations.

Creating personalized ad content for targeted audience segments has one huge benefit – it will resonate more with that particular group, resulting in more conversions.

Segmenting your audience may not be an easy task but it could be profitable in 2020, so it’s definitely worth the effort with Video advertising

3. Video advertising for mobile phones

Video viewing is slowly shifting to smaller and smaller screens. Desktop view is no longer the golden gauge – instead, the focus is shifting to mobile view.

Your videos need to be optimized for mobile devices – this means fast load times and portrait view.

Download times can be reduced by using a smaller size for videos – this won’t affect quality on mobile but will help attract more people to your video ad.

And vertical viewing is another area that needs to be prioritized – most mobile apps and social platforms are viewed vertically ideally, that’s why video ads need to follow along. a format.

You don’t want consumers to have to move their phone to landscape position just to see your ad – in fact, this will encourage them to turn off the Video advertising

In 2020, create your video ad with mobile users and you’ll have more successful conversions.

4. Short video ads

There has certainly been a boost to short Video advertising– attention has decreased over the past few years, so this move makes sense.

You want to capture your audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds and deliver as much content as possible within the next few seconds.

Does this sound impossible? If not impossible, then it’s incredibly difficult and that’s why the definition of short Video advertising will change in 2020.

Instead of focusing on an action packed ad lasting only 10 seconds, consider creating a compelling 20-30 second ad, telling your story, and connecting with your audience.

Prioritize storytelling over completion rate, and you’ll be more successful with your ad campaigns in 2020 by digital video advertising

5. AR advertising

Augmented reality has really been a hit in 2019. AR is everywhere, from the mobile apps of major brands like IKEA and L’Oreal, to Snapchat and Instagram filters.

And AR in video advertising will quickly become the norm – platforms like Facebook are experimenting with inexpensive AR Video advertising, promising more engagement.

If you haven’t had the chance to work with AR yet, now is the time to do it – AR will change the face of content marketing and advertising in 2020.

6. The Rise of Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs make the most of video and still image ads to create a unique and interesting combination of images, just like GIFs.

Created using still images with only a few cartoon elements to provide movement, the movie images are capable enough to block the thumb from scrolling without the effort of a Video advertising.

The difference between an animation and a GIF is the amount of motion in the image – certain elements move in the animation, while a GIF looks like a cartoon scene.

One can see why these images will be so interesting as consumers come across their social timeline – you can create animations of process graphics or illustrations of video advertising platform

Creating video ads with cinemagraphs might be what your marketing campaign needs in 2020.

7. Advertising in video

Facebook and YouTube prioritized watching live video last year – and it’s slowly gaining traction over production Video advertising.

The popularity of Instagram Live is also a major factor in this area, but for now, Instagram doesn’t allow in-stream video ads. But Facebook and YouTube do.

In-video ads are the way forward into 2020 – creating ads that appear seamlessly in live video will almost certainly guarantee completion rates and, ultimately, conversions of video advertising trends                                                                                      

Use mind maps to draw ideas from your live stream so you can create videos that are relevant to your audience and live content.

Instead of focusing your efforts on news feed ads, aim to create in-stream Video advertising in 2020.

Video ad trends are slowly but surely changing and by 2020 we’ll see some big changes.

We’ve highlighted seven video advertising trends for 2020 that marketers need to focus on:

  1. Multiple platforms
  2. Audience segmentation
  3. Phone advertising
  4. Short advertising
  5. AR in advertising
  6. Cinemagraphs
  7. In-video advertising

In conclusion

Now that you know these video advertising trends, you can optimize your video marketing campaign for a productive 2020.

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