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What Is A Business Strategy? Why Is It So Important? (Part 2)

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  • What Is A Business Strategy? Why Is It So Important? (Part 2)
Business Strategy


The role of business strategy

Evaluate current position

After setting goals, business leaders need to have reasonable evaluation criteria. There are two areas that any business should consider when evaluating its current position:

  • Business environment: Enterprises need to research and survey their business environment to determine what factors in the current environment are opportunities, which are threats to strategies and items. corporate spending.
  • Company internal resources: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company itself in aspects such as management, finance, research and development, marketing, production. From the collected information, giving business development directions closest to the company’s potential.

Product and service strategy

Product and service strategy is an extremely special and important part because it is the foundation of the business strategy. Any business on the market will also trade a certain product or service. That is why product and service strategies help businesses determine the development direction, design products to suit the needs and tastes of the market, as well as limit the risks. can be encountered. In addition, businesses must also focus on factors affecting their own products and services in order to improve sales efficiency. These factors are: product quality, price, product packaging and branding, .. A good product / service strategy is when it answers the following three key questions:

  • What is the goal?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • What is the competitive advantage of a business and how can it be used to win the competition?

Evaluation, control and change

This is the last step in building a business strategy for the business, and it’s also the step to determine whether management’s strategic choices are in line with the company’s goals. This can be seen as a process of moderation and addition. Today, a lot of software has appeared on the market to automatically statistics the above figures, helping managers easily track and update accurately. Thereby making the right adjustments at the right time, in order to bring the best effect to the content of business strategy.

Business strategy principles you need to know

Business Strategy

After understanding the concepts, characteristics and how to build a business strategy, you must understand that a strategy to be effective not only exists on the page or draft plans, reports, but also it must be built through hands-on, hands-on consumer experiences. Below are examples of business strategy principles that leaders and corporate administrators need to know to help the company grow sustainably and always stay true to its original goals.

Compete to make a difference

When building business strategy, many businesses always assume that the goal is to become the leading, most outstanding name of that industry, but it is sometimes impossible. In business, it is completely normal to have more than one leading business. Therefore, never think of trying to beat the “big” in the industry by copying what those businesses are doing. That will only make your business worse. Instead, look for different values โ€‹โ€‹and approach it, exploit it to give your business a completely new face and stand out from its competitors in the market.

Competition for profit

Business Strategy

When competing in the market, it doesn’t just stop at how much market share or growth your business owns, it also lies in how profitable your business is. After all, the classic business strategies of businesses are also to improve the business situation, bring more money to the company. That is why if the strategy of the business does not show a clear purpose for the money earned, that strategy is not worth the time and effort to implement.

Understand the market

When businesses enter a market, it is imperative to understand that market. Each market will own its own characteristics and properties, which are also factors that directly affect the ability of businesses to “make money” in the future.

Identify customers

Just like understanding the market, identifying customers is obvious. Your business sells products and services to customers, so of course you need to know who the right customers are. Your product or service cannot be suitable for everyone but only has a limited number of potential customers.

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Learn to say no

After you understand the market and identify the potential customer file, you will find that it is very important to learn how to say no. In the course of business, there will inevitably appear groups of inappropriate customers. So what businesses need to do is to know which customers are not serving, what activities are not taken, and which products and services should not be provided. It can be said that determining what to do and do not have similar importance in a business strategy.

Don’t be afraid to change

As mentioned above, types of trading strategies are immutable. Over time, surely customers’ needs and behavior will change, society and technology evolve, and competitors will change and evolve. All of these factors pose a requirement for businesses to not be afraid to change, to be sensitive to the times to find new trends and apply it to the business model.

Thinking system

The last but also extremely important rule is to build a systematic mindset in business strategy. This includes building accurate databases to make assumptions that contribute to the growth of your business. Of course, the assumptions and predictions made can not be 100% accurate all the time, but the information and data collected and provided can help administrators to judge about market trends and customer behavior. goods and more

So MarketingAI has introduced to readers everything about business strategy. It can be seen how important a strategy in a business area is to an enterprise. It is the backbone, the guideline for the business to navigate to develop. The construction of a business strategy is certainly not simple and of course, it is not just limited to the words on the page or certain reports and plans.

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Today’s society has developed a lot, leading to higher and higher needs and desires of consumers, and more and more competitors appear. Therefore, strategy in today’s business must also change, it must be built through hands-on experience and direct interaction with customers. Hopefully, through this article, readers have understood exactly what a business strategy is as well as the characteristics, roles and steps to build a standard business strategy just for the business.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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