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What Is A Lead Generation Website?


The essential objective of B2B sites should be to help visitors find the information they’re searching for. But, on top of that, they should be helping their organization capture qualified leads for their product or service. 

A lead generation website does just that. It educates your guests on your product or service and the business you operate within in addition to giving visitors the opportunity to provide qualitative information to your sales team. 

How to Create a Lead Generation Website

Prior to building a website, you have to define your target audience. Having a truly solid comprehension of who you’re offering to, regardless of whether that is persona explicit or portion explicit, and understanding the problem areas they experience is the most ideal approach to begin this cycle. At that point, layer everything else you do in addition. 

Make sure the way you set up the infrastructure and the navigation of your website is best suited for your target visitors. For instance, in the event that you have a specialty, an industry-explicit substance that talks straightforwardly to your personas’ problem areas, you should make it simple to discover through your primary route alongside data on the answers for those trouble spots

Another essential element is your actual conversion points. 

After at first structure your personas, you have to concoct transformation ways for your personas. Preferably, you’ll start within any event one change point for each pipe stage so you have three transformation focuses per persona: one at the highest point of the channel (ToFu), that will change them from guests over to qualified leads, one in the pipe (MoFu) that will demonstrate they’re promoting qualified and one at the lower part of the pipe (BoFu) that shows they’re prepared to begin the business cycle. 

Having these transformation focuses created ahead of time encourages you to guarantee that once you begin distinguishing the particular pages of your site and their expected personas, you can use their proper change focuses. CTAs ought to be scattered sitewide to change over guests alongside structures that gather the data your business group needs to make future moves. 

For instance, on the off chance that one of your personas is starting the revelation cycle and they’re simply beginning to find out about their test, you’d need to offer them a ToFu offer, similar to a gated early on a digital book.

The next step you offer to visitors needs to be intentional. You don’t want to present someone with a BoFu offer, like an assessment, right off the bat because that can scare them away. The three-tiered ToFu, MoFu, BoFu approach helps prevent that from happening.

Requirements of a Minimum Viable Lead Generation Website

In addition to the establishment dependent on your purchaser personas and their transformation ways, there are a couple of more things a lead generation site should be effective and make a positive client experience.

CTA that isn’t “Contact Us”

Since “contact us” shows so frequently on websites, many B2B companies think it’s a good choice for their essential CTA. However, as a user, “contact us” is an extremely ambiguous and general move to make; it’s muddled what precisely will happen in the wake of rounding out that structure. 

Instead, you should try to use a more definitive copy for your CTAs. Even if “download a free trial” or “request a readiness assessment” aren’t appropriate for your company, “talk to sales” or “book a meeting” still gives the site visitor more context about the next step. Providing more information about what to expect can help increase conversions overall.

CTA strategy and organization

We build a lot of our websites in HubSpot, and there are a couple of various ways you can generate CTAs within HubSpot. You can make remarkable CTAs on each webpage and have some of them lead to a similar place and say the same things. 

However, if you have a large site, that can make reporting of the efficacy of those CTAs complicated. Instead, you can create a single CTA and place it in multiple locations leveraging Google Tag Manager to track the individual button clicks on pages. On top of minimizing the number of CTAs you employ, you can also make it easier to manage your CTAs by using a clear and consistent naming convention. That way, if you do need to make an update, you can locate the CTA easily.

Utilizing CTAs in a way that’s easy to track and report on is vital for your website’s success. To continue to improve your strategy over time, you need to understand the analytics behind conversions just as much as you need to actually bring in leads.

Strategic conversion points

It’s OK on the off chance that you just have a few structures for clients to change over on. Try not to feel like you have to have five or ten substance offers for every persona from the beginning. What’s significant is that there’s a purpose by the way you’re steering site guests. 

While figuring out which CTAs to put on a page, consider where guests are in their disclosure cycle. For blog entries, you normally just need to drive towards one proposal in the content — blog entries are focused on guests who are prior in the purchasing cycle and as yet finding out about their concern and your believability. Offering different subsequent stages can cause them to feel forced. 

Notwithstanding, on an item page, it’s totally fine to have numerous CTAs. The best advance for your organization is for the guest to bounce on a call with deals, so including that is a sensible subsequent stage. Yet, the guest may in any case need more data about your item prior to addressing deals, so managing them to a contextual investigation for that item is likewise an important subsequent stage.

Clear labels


Whatever your button text says should match the page the button takes visitors to. If someone isn’t actually requesting a demo, don’t use that text on the button. Describe what they’re really doing all things considered.

Visitor-centric navigation

The specifics of your navigation layout depend on what industry you’re in, what you’re selling, and who your site visitors are, but there are a couple best practices that hold true, regardless of those details. 

You should always have a BoFu CTA button on the top right-hand corner of your nav. Folks could be anywhere on their journey when they come to your site, so always providing that opportunity to convert will reduce friction for people looking to convert right away. Using fixed navigation reduces friction even further so that BoFu CTA stays accessible while visitors are scrolling through your site pages.

Additionally, your navigation labels should align with the pages they lead to. People will subconsciously recognize the terms you use as they move around your site. If what a page is called in the navigation doesn’t match with the page visitors arrive on, they might feel like they’ve been brought to the wrong place.

A balance of aesthetics and usability

At the end of the day, people are vain. So if your site doesn’t look good, the likelihood people are going to convert or purchase your product decreases. That’s just the way the human brain works. 

There are design principles that people are just drawn to, and when clients see a website that’s aesthetically pleasing, they’re bound to be keen on that item or association. In any case, there’s balance. The main role of a B2B site is to be useful to clients — and that doesn’t come from a pretty plan. Some of the biggest things to consider are spacing and contrast to make sure everything on a website is legible. Additionally, your website design should align with your company’s overall brand. It’s smarter to have a site that is predictable with your image than something new and garish that is disconnected from how your organization introduces itself somewhere else.


A lead generation website helps site visitors while gathering information about them for your company. It’s more than just a digital brochure; it’s an experience that educates and nurtures prospects. 

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