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What Is Digital Marketing? 7 Types Of Digital Marekting Platforms

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Digital Marekting Platforms

In recent years, we have witnessed the breakthroughs of the 4.0 revolution. Along with that is the change in consumer behavior, new technology and development trends of all industries. Digital marketing is a common term and is used by shop owners and businesses in business activities to increase productivity as well as minimize costs.

I. What is Digital Marketing? Advantages and deployment

  1. Understand digital marketing

digital marekting platforms

As wikipedia explains, the concept of digital marketing or digital marketing is marketing activities using the internet and online digital technologies such as desktops, mobile phones and platforms. and other digital means of promoting products and services.

Let’s put it simply, this is a term that refers to building product / brand awareness and promotion activities on a digital basis.

  1. The advantages of digital marketing

With its outstanding advantages compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing helps potential customers recognize brands more easily through images, brand logos in the most optimal way.

Save resources and operating costs: Depending on the size and goals of the business, marketers will come up with a strategy to promote their products / brands to focus on using which tools to bring effectiveness. work results while saving resources and operating costs.

Ignoring the gap in space and time: When there is internet, potential  customers will not need to go directly to the store for product consultation or purchase. They only need internet and a network device to communicate with brands easily, bypassing geographical distance and at any time of day.

Bring the best customer experience: The variety of digital technologies helps us to have more options for marketing strategies: email marketing, social media, website …

Easy to analyze and track: Each broadcast channel has tools for measuring and diagnosing. This makes the job evaluation easier.

  1. Digital marketing platforms

Depending on each business, each person will have a different definition and division. But in the framework of this article, ECP Media will introduce you to 7 types of digital marketing platforms including: Website (core platform), search, social media, mobile, email, digital media and game to perfect customer experience in the most perfect way.

II. 7 types of digital marketing platforms

  1. Website – The core of digital marketing platforms

Many businesses choose for themselves the main digital marketing platforms for their marketing strategy is Facebook fan page instead of website, because the interaction is strong and visible immediately. But is that the right choice?

In essence, social media is a semi-owned platform, that is, the business owns only part of its customer information, and the real manager is Facebook. So if there is any change, businesses will have to suffer because they will always have to follow the rules of the game Facebook. In business, we should invest in channels over which we have complete control.

A typical example when Facebook changes its news feed algorithm has made organic reach significantly decrease and businesses have to spend more budget to optimize content and advertising. Since then, the budget to run ads is increasingly expensive and inefficient as before

Benefits that the website brings in Digital Marketing activities:

– Introduce products / services of businesses in the most detailed and clear way, online 24 / 24h.

– Easily customize the website interface and deeper content will attract users to visit and keep them in the website longer. While the interface of Facebook or Zalo or Instagram, we absolutely cannot interfere.

– Website determines the ranking of businesses on the internet: Hundreds of businesses appearing on the internet compete with each other. If you do a good job of optimizing search engine for your website, surely your website will be highly appreciated by Google which will improve the search engine ranking.

– Not only helps businesses increase the coverage of brands and products and services, but also helps maximize revenue from potential customers through optimizing SEO and Google advertising.

Checklist to have a perfect website

Design: The layout should be clear and unified; The interface should be suitable for potential customers.

– Page loading speed must be fast: A beautiful website that takes up to 10 seconds to load will not have any customer patient enough to wait or a website that loads quickly but has a messy, sketchy layout will also be question the reputation of the business. According to a study, over 53% of users will not return to the website if after 3 seconds they see nothing on the website.

– Increase security for your website: Your website needs an SSL certificate. Not only helps users avoid the dangers of interacting with unclear websites; but it also helps improve the ranking (rank) of your website.

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly: According to a study, 80% of internet users access by mobile device. So, it’s no wonder your mobile website has to be as optimized and intuitive as it should be when accessed by a computer, which should be even more important.

– Site structure is easy to use: Website must be structured to help users manipulate easily. Websites should be tagged and labeled so that users can easily find what they want.

– Change website design regularly: Please say first that you need to give up the thought that you only need to design a website once and then quit! You must regularly update new trends and upgrade your website design to always perform well and have high rankings (rank) on search engines. Most importantly, changing the website makes users new, thereby helping them to be more interested in the business and thinking that this is an innovative business.

  1. Search

This is one of search digital marketing platforms with very popular tools such as Google, Bing, … The mission of the brand is to appear when potential customers search on these tools. In this platform, the most attention should be paid to SEO because it is highly effective and sustainable.

digital marekting platforms

Importance of SEO

After you’ve created a complete website, now the next thing you need to do is let your  potential customers find you. One of the knowledge that plays a leading role in digital marketing is SEO – search engine optimization.

As Wikipedia defines: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website or webpage for users on search engines. data like Google, Bing, …

According to research by Hubspot, 81% of shoppers will search for information what they want to buy; before making a buying decision.

When your potential customers are searching for a product / service; they will most likely search Google first. To be found among the millions of search results, your website must be optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures your website shows up in search results first; when someone enters your target keyword in the search bar.

Steps to optimize SEO

Keyword research: This is the most important job, accounting for 70% of the success of an SEO project. Good keywords will be a guideline, bring businesses faster to potential customers, and wrong keywords will make the project fail, costing money and effort of the business.

– On page optimization: These are all the optimization work within the website to increase the reputation of the search engine and create the best experience for users.

– Off page optimization: A set of tips to optimize external factors including: Building links (link building), social media marketing … These activities aim to bring score votes to website and find traffic for website.

You can join Facebook groups to know more about SEO: 4 Best Facebook Groups for SEOs (Most Voted For)

  1. Email

This is a form of direct marketing in digital marketing platforms. It is often used to send sales announcements and maintain a relationship with the target audience. It helps you to send advertisements, call to action or send news by blog.

The long-term purpose of email marketing is to help increase brand trust and build customer loyalty.

At the same time, this strategy also helps you to add  potential customers, or connect with future brand image.

Therefore, doing good email marketing encourages recipients to take action, generate more leads, and sell more.

You can see more What Is Email Marketing Definition And How Does It Work

  1. Mobile

One of the most important digital marketing platforms is mobile marketing. Here’s how to make your marketing templates appear on mobile devices, phones, tablets, smartphones, …

Like other marketing channels, mobile marketing will have many forms and display in different ways suitable for each device, audience and needs of customers.

Mobile Marketing is not just a new marketing trend. It is really becoming a powerful tool to win attention and interest from customers.

  1. Social media

digital marekting platforms

If we talk about digital marketing platforms without mentioning social network marketing, it is a mistake. This is a set of marketing tactics on social media used to communicate and share information on the internet platform, allowing users to interact directly with each other.

Not only is a bridge to help businesses connect and bring businesses to the world and  potential customers, but also helps businesses become more existing and closer to  potential customers.

There are 4 Social Media groups including: Social Community; Social Publishing; Social Commerce; Social Entertainment.

  1. Digital media

Digital media is always present around our lives. It blends technology with the content you see; watch and read every day. When you read this article, you are reaching out to the content through Digital Media. From app to news; Social Network; games … are a part of everyday life. Digital media includes: text, sound, video and graphics transmitted over the internet or telecommunications network, viewable on the internet.

Digital media is always changing so fast that we are seeing new products updated every day. That is why; Digital media professionals can be social media professionals; web developer; digital product development or marketers. Digital Marketing was born and started to be born from here!

  1. Game

This digital marketing platform is divided into 2 categories: Gamification and In Game Ads. In particular, Gamification (Gameization) is how brands apply game components (techniques, rules, ways and other factors …) to any activity to create excitement for people. use, change their perceptions and encourage them to actively participate in similar activities in the future. In Game Ads (IGA) is advertising on computers and video games. IGAs differ from the usual in-game ads that refer to games created specifically to promote the product. The IGA industry is growing.


Most of the biggest difficulties of your business are that you need experts with experience and skills in each field of Digital marketing platforms including Website, search, email, mobile, social media, digital media, games. But businesses need to redefine goals as well as budgets to choose the main tools to focus on development. This will help improve marketing efficiency and save significant budget and resources for businesses

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