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What Is Inbound Sale?

inbound sale

Inbound sale is a process that focuses on exploiting customer details. Information about the need or find out the touch points in the buying needs of customers, including the buying goals of the gods.

Inbound sale is not merely selling products but also selling value benefits to customers. Inbound sale activities include information exchange, pre, during and after sales consultation.

In this process, inbound sales people focus on discovering the needs of the customers. Offer solutions to help customers solve their problems.

However, to become a professional inbound sale, 7 basic skills are indispensable. No matter what industry or field you are in, these basic skills are needed to better understand.

1.Customer research


Whether you do any sales or planning, you need to research your industry or your industry or your customers. Each customer has your own preferences, needs, habits, and buying actions.

With sales and marketing management software, you will know which websites your customers visit. What do they usually look for online, … Are they your potential customers or not.

When researching customers, you not only learn about income, gender, … information about demographics, you should learn deeply about their preferences or needs, shopping habits.

From those studies, you should give the benefits and value of gifts to attract or motivate customers to buy from you.

2. Ask questions about the customer

Especially when you research your customers, you cannot understand them all. You should meet with customers, ask questions to get to know them better. The answers you receive will tell you the challenges you need to overcome to conquer customers. It helps you in the right direction to conquer customers, instead of struggling to find the direction.

The suggestions from your customers can be the key to opening their hearts.

Personal Note: When asking questions to customers, you should not ask questionable questions. You should ask questions in the form of 5W and 1H: the questions are What, Who, Why, Where, When and How. These questions will help you get more information from your customers

3. Listen – secretly conquer every customer

Listening – effective tips in all matters of life. One of the most important skills of an inbound sales employee. Only when you listen to your customers will you understand what they want and need.

In particular, in the process of advising a client, there may be a conflict with the customer. If you don’t listen to them, there won’t be any deal. You must always listen, make sure you are always proactive in front of customers. When customers ask or questions, you are ready to answer those difficulties.

4. Dedication to guide customers

inbound sale

Most of the company’s products that want to be effective must follow the instructions. You need to guide customers to use the product or service enthusiastically, you will score points in the eyes of your customers.

For some high-tech products, you need detailed instructions for them. A one-on-one training session will help customers to better understand the product. It can also differentiate your business from its customers.

5. Choose the right potential customers

If you waste it on a non-prospect, all your efforts are ineffective. In order for customer care to have a higher efficiency rate, you should use software that integrates customer scoring functions. It will let you know if that customer is your potential customer or not. With that client’s condition, what effective care should be applied.

6. Closing sale

Closing sale is what inbound sales are aiming for. That is the main purpose in business. If closing sale is effective, the business will have a large amount of revenue.

However, to be able to close the sale effectively, the above skill needs to be trained well.

In particular, customer care or marketing needs to be done well to improve closing efficiency

7. Smile – the secret to conquer every customer

Imagine yourself as a customer. How will you feel when the salesman gives you a smile without consulting?

Surely you are not satisfied, comfortable or even uncomfortable.

You should smile to create sympathy with customers. Your distance from the customer will be closer. Surely you don’t just sell to that customer once. They can become your loyal customers.


With 7 skills of an inbound sale and what is the concept of inbound sale, you should help you understand more about this new form. 7 This skill is the basic skill for you to conquer customers. Constantly practice to improve their skills. However, with customer research, customer care, and inbound sales staff management, you should use customer management software to improve sales efficiency.

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