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What Is Pop-up? How Does Pop-up ad Design Help Increase Conversions?

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pop-up ad

With many different popular advertising models appearing on the Internet such as keyword advertising, banner advertising …. Businesses can completely increase the ability to attract customers to know more about their own website. 1 In the current most effective advertising model is Pop-up ad. So what is Pop-up? How to create an effective Pop-up ad?

What is pop-up?

pop-up ad

Pop-up is a small dialog box present on a web page providing information or displaying an advertisement. Pop up is an auto pop-up window when a user visits the website; it has content advertising content or it can also be completely different content.

Pop-up is a form of logo ad at the bottom of the screen usually in size from โ…› to 1/7 of the screen and has a duration of about 10 seconds.

Pop-up ad is currently considered a new form of advertising; modern and has many strong points that can be advertised online in the program; Uninterrupted; cut scenesโ€ฆ applied in television programs.

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Collection of popular Pop-up templates

Pop-up automatically – Modal Website Pop-up

This is a Pop-up ad that has the effect of attracting extremely high consumers because it will automatically display on the interface when customers visit the website of the business. They will immediately see the ad you want to present. This type of Pop-up is usually available as a pop-up or as an interest for a short period of time; Its position is usually placed in the center of the website or is displayed in a certain corner of the homepage.

Interstitial Pop-up Website

This interstitial pop-up ad model is very creative and novel to businesses that have already used them. Instead of appearing as a child window on the website; Interstitial pop-ups are present as a local occupation of your website to present the messages the ad wants to present to customers. It shows up as a background blur and is present making it impressively easy and simple for the consumer.

Pop-up on status bar – Notification Bar Website Pop-up

Pop-up ads on the status bar will appear at the top or bottom of the website screen. This type of advertising is highly flexible so that businesses can very much reach customers; Instead of placing a pop-up in the middle of the screen that easily annoys the visitor, it can be viewed at the edge of the screen.

How to design Pop-up beautiful and effective

pop-up ad


Outstanding image design

Building brand image is very important; Make sure that the brand image that appears in your pop-up is compelling enough to entice the consumer and that the message is short enough to reach consumers in the short term.

Impressive title

Because it is a short advertisement; The pop-ups don’t appear for a long time, so the title needs to be impressive to appeal to the customer immediately. To increase the ability to convert customers, outside design; Businesses need to pay more attention to the content, especially the title of the advertisement template.

Make it stand out in pop-up ads

Immediately after the title inserts something that stands out to make customers interested in your company. Send attractive messages that differentiate your Pop-up ads from your competitors so that customers can get direct access to your homepage.

Keep your CTA steady and impressive

using CTA is as easy and simple as adding the Submit button to your Pop-up ad on the website; If your customer has been attracted to the previous things then the sign up button will be the last move to turn visitors into your customers.

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Be short and don’t ask consumers too much

When pop-up ads are created, what customers care about is the information displayed briefly; concise; clearly; Please note that just getting an email is enough; don’t be too wordy and keep the user experience as short as possible. It’s been difficult for them to get their ads displayed and engaged; Make the actions as brief as possible and don’t force them to answer unnecessary questions.

Pop-up ads supported on mobile platforms

With the trend of using mobile platforms more and more; Businesses also have many more opportunities to reach customers. So mobile platforms can also be available for companies to expand their reach. Mobile pop-up ads will have an advantage since space is more limited; from there, the problem of the font and the message will be more concise while still presenting full meaning to the customer.


Knowing what pop-up ads are will help businesses come up with clever strategies to increase their own presence in the market.

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