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What is Proposal in Marketing? The Secret of Effective Proposal Writing

Not too much to say, Proposal is a mandatory factor, deciding whether the Agency has a bidding advantage over its competitors when pitching with customers or not. An effective proposal should provide useful solutions to client problems in the most convenient and creative way.

What is a proposal?

Proposal is a document used in marketing to convey project information to customers, such as strategic ideas, budget, execution time, notes, contract terms, and some other relevant information.

Proposal is designed to effectively meet the customer’s business strategy, persuade potential customers to use the agency’s marketing services. Because of these factors, proposal plays a very important role, being the bridge between the agency and the client, deciding the long-term cooperation between the two parties.

In the article below, we will specifically explain the concept of proposal in marketing, as well as share the secret of writing an impressive, successful proposal with customers.

The secret to writing a successful Proposal

So how to write an effective proposal – Proposal? Here are the basic steps you’ll need to have:

  1. Surveying customers


The first step in planning proposal writing is to survey the client, the object that you will convey marketing information to. Understanding the culture and characteristics of your customers will make it easy for you to set the writing style, tone, specific plans and other factors that best suit your customers.

In case you are having trouble surveying your customers, do that research with the consumer agency products you are preparing to collaborate with, research the market situation, and other factors. Other peripheral elements may be useful for the proposal version.

For the survey, you should consider a few questions to customers such as:

What difficulties are they facing?

What resources do they have to deal with this problem?

How will they resolve the above problems in a period of time?

With what tools will businesses measure the effectiveness of their solutions?

Recognizing the strengths of customers not only helps agencies to understand clearly how to market their products, but also helps them grasp the core problems that customers are facing, find out the cause and propose. the best solution.

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  1. Propose the work to be done

Like any job, agencies need to plan out in detail what services they will deliver to clients, without the resources and time to implement a specific and effective marketing plan. .

For a social media marketing proposal, the agency needs to clearly define the communication channel to be used for product marketing, content marketing posting schedule, and tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. .

  1. Provide time to carry out activities

Time factor is one of the most important factors related to whether a client decides to cooperate with the agency or not.

In the proposal, the agency needs to specify the time to implement the tasks such as: uploading content on media channels, coordinating the time to work on the project, and more. Determination time should be considered on the basis of the available resources of the customer.

  1. Determine the cost and contract terms

Funding and related terms in the contract are also two important aspects of the proposal. The agency should consider proposing the following elements in the proposal:

Cost (per unit of time); or package cost (charged by service).

Terms related to payment (such as the cost will be paid at the beginning of the campaign, or paid after the services are completed, …).

Working conditions (at fixed locations, or with flexible options allowed)

Terms related to contract liquidation.

Other provisions.

  1. Effective measurement method

In the proposal, the agency should clearly state the supporting tools for businesses to grasp the effectiveness of activities in marketing projects, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, …

Disclosure of these tools helps clients to clearly identify the success of the project, improve trust between the two sides, and make necessary adjustments if the project arises more unexpected problems.

Advantages of implementing marketing proposal

  1. Improve the trust between the agency and the client, contributing to building a long-term relationship between the two parties.
  2. Make the agency stand out from other competitors. In the proposal, agencies can fully integrate their own strengths, thereby convincing customers to use their services.
  3. Communicate more clearly the services that they (agency) will provide to customers.

Proposal templates for your project:

Below are the websites that you can refer to to choose a suitable Proposal. The advantage of using the available Proposal templates will save you time and effort in your design. In addition, this Proposal design software also has features such as Tracking, electronic signature, … to bring the best efficiency.

  1. Better Proposals


Better Proposals is a website that specializes in providing sample Proposals with a very reasonable cost, only from $ 13 per person per month, you have 10 sets of extremely professional and impressive proposals. This software offers a variety of templates available, comes with measurement features, digital signature, and custom domain name.

  1. Proposify

Proposify is also a website specializing in providing available proposal templates, with a $ 19 account you will have 3 users used in 1 month. Hundreds of extremely impressive designs, customized for each industry. Comes with that are the basic characteristics such as: notice, measurement, digital signature.

  1. Qwilr

Qwil’s is a software specializing in providing documents related to Marketing, including self-building Proposal templates according to available templates. With $ 29 / month for 3 user accounts, Qwilr offers a huge library of impressive Proposal templates.


Hope the information just provided will be of great help to establish an effective proposal for your business

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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