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What is Sales planning? Content and benefits

Sales planning

Sales planning is the building of the activities a salesperson performs during the sales process, from start to goal. Sales planning is the building of the activities a salesperson performs during the sales process, from start to goal. Planning clearly identifies roles, goals, activities, control points, levels achieved, people responsible, people cooperating, etc. It is said that planning may not be helpful, but planning is indispensable.

Sales planning


To be able to effectively plan, sellers must focus their efforts, think, and be positive.

Sellers do a lot of different activities. These activities include managing your time, finding clients, arranging appointments, selling, negotiating, presenting, etc.

If sellers want to be successful, they must prepare carefully and carefully for all those activities.

In addition, one of the most attractive aspects of the sales profession is the freedom to use time funds, but this is also the pressure on the sellers, requiring them to develop their own principles. yourself must be able to plan.


Sales planning

Benefits of sales planning

– Create orientation at work

– You can start planning when you know where to go


Set goals for sales, profits, new customers, retain existing customers, increase purchases from existing customers.

For example, the seller is assigned the sales target of 400,000,000 VND / year. Assuming the average unit price value is VND 10,000,000, the seller should have 40 orders per year.

If you reach one customer for every 4 people, the salesperson needs to reach 160 customers.

The salesperson must then calculate the average time spent per customer, etc. Thus, the shopkeeper will make a plan to reach 400,000,000 VND / year into more detailed targets.

When setting goals, sellers should follow the SMART principles (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and within the time allowed).

Here is a way How to use niche marketing to target your ideal customers?


The sales planning includes parts

– Business goals

Resources to achieve the goal

– Market analysis

– Variety of products/services available for sale

– Analysis of activities that the seller performs

– Analysis of finance, people, equipment needed in the sale

Steps set up

Sales planning

The sales planning steps included

– Build goals

– Develop an action plan

– Identify contingency plans

Consequences of bad sales planning

– The work is overlapping, the organization is messy (unclear tasks, time for each job …)

– Lack of grounds for inspection and supervision

– Inability to use resources effectively

– It is difficult to ensure work progress

The result is either not accomplishing your goal or hitting a low level.


Sales Planning is the process of organizing activities that are mandatory to achieve business goals. A sales plan contains a strategic document that figures out your business targets and several resources. These can be used for some activities which you perform to reach your desired goal. Don’t forget to read Top 4 ways to increase sales with social proof

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