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What is SMS Marketing? 9 benefits of using SMS Marketing in business

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SMS Marketing

Did you know that on average, people check their phones 85 times a day? Even 80% of people say their phone is the first thing they check when they wake up. And about 95% of SMS messages are read while only 22% of emails are opened.

In order to implement a successful SMS marketing campaign, it is necessary to learn and refer to many different documents

I. What is SMS Marketing?


SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is part of mobile marketing. This is one of the most effective marketing activities done by sending phone SMS messages to all the people you want to target.

II. 9 benefits of using SMS Marketing in business

According to updated data as of September 2019, the whole country currently has about 126,000,000 active mobile subscribers. This number is 1.3 times higher than the population of our country. This is to say that with the telecommunications industry boom with 3G, 4G, and even 5G networks coming up, SMS Marketing will certainly be a great support tool for businesses that want to reach customers. target. This article Adnext will introduce you to 9 ways to implement effective SMS marketing campaigns.

1, Introduce New Products (Introduce Product)

SMS Marketing

Business smart marketing actions that will make your products successful. In the market, there are many strategies to introduce products to customers and one of the ways to “dominate the market” is an indispensable Marketing message. When your store or business has a new product or service, using SMS Marketing to target customers will save a lot of time and money.

2, Customer Care (Customer Care)

Customer care is an indispensable part of businesses and stores to satisfy the needs and expectations of target customers. Using SMS Marketing is the best way to be able to take care of the customers of your store or business closely to keep your existing customers.

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3, Advertise on existing products (Product ads)

SMS Marketing or also known as marketing message is used for the purpose of advertising products to ensure effective sales and brand promotion for products of stores as well as businesses.

4, Survey – Market Research (Market Research)

Before we do anything, survey, we need to learn to plan is the most practical and important job. When starting a business campaign, market surveys and research are the first and indispensable thing, using SMS Marketing method will help your business achieve accurate statistics. Best.

5, Notification of special information, events, promotions (notification special information)

Your business and store are or often organize events, singers, discounts, or more specifically, launch new products without knowing which channel to use to inform everyone. For others, using SMS Marketing is a great way to send messages and notify the people you want based on location, behavior, age, genderโ€ฆ. When certain special events happen, you need to attract customers for your store and business by informing potential audiences, notifying people in many ways, in SMS Marketing is the fastest and most accurate approach.

6, Voted (Voted)

When your business or your store organizes certain events, certain contests such as beauty contests, hot girls, hot boys, hot faces, new products. … need votes from target customers or create funnels to get customer information thanks to that contest, SMS Marketing or SMS Marketing is also the way to help vote the most effective and accurate.

7, Brand Promotion

SMS Marketing

With some startups or newly opened stores, branding is important for customers to recognize and understand your products and services, there are also many ways to promote the brand. for example distributing flyers, marketing messages, running ads, buying ads on reputable websites or banners in public places … And SMS Marketing Brandname is the way you can reach customers. products to promote the brand for their business or store effectively at a much lower cost than the above methods.

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8, Promote the event (Promote the event)

Branding with SMS Marketing is one of the ways for businesses to quickly inform their audience and potential customers about their events to ensure attracting more customers. to sue.

9, Internal communication (internal communication)

SMS Marketing is also a way to be able to connect and communicate internally between members, departments in an organization, business or a certain department.

III, what kinds of SMS Marketing are there?

1.SMS Standard:

This type of SMS Marketing targets audiences based on demographics of age, gender, region.

2. SMS Customer Care:

This is a type of message for thanking, grateful and interested in customer groups who have been using services and products of enterprises.

3. SMS Potential Customer Data – Database:

This type of message focuses on customers who have an interest in services and products of businesses after being filtered and identified as potential target customers.

4. SMS Location:

This is a type of message intended for customers in a specific location. Messages are sent to groups based on: Customers who live in an area, customers who enter that area and customers who only pass through that area.


We hope this article provides a comprehensive guide to using SMS marketing for your business. The momentum on using SMS marketing is growing, itโ€™s important not to miss out on what could be a very profitable means of communication with your clients.

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.Ai Team


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