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What is Telesales? Telesales process for beginners


What is Telesales? This is a new profession in recent years. The telesales growth rate has accelerated in recent years. The opportunities for this industry are enormous. Let’s explore what the Telesales actually do. How to become a good employee Telesales.

What is Telesales?


Telesale is a method of selling goods over the phone. This form has been around for a long time, but in recent years it has grown strongly. Telesales employees are individuals or a part of an enterprise. Their main task is to contact customers and sell by phone. Unlike sales staff, Telesales staff looks for customers and closes the sale mainly by phone.

In recent years, this type has been extremely popular. It is considered an important branch of business, consistent with the trend of buying online. Today, customers do not have too much time to buy goods, listen to direct advice at the store. Therefore, telephone consultation is extremely suitable. Virtually every customer has at least one phone.

Telesales professional daily work

Depending on the specific characteristics of the business, Telesales‘ work is divided and regulated differently, but it is possible to systematically collect the work of a telesales employee as follows:

  • Receive a customer database from the marketing department, divide and filter a list of potential customers by region, purchase need …
  • Call the entire list of customers that have been filtered by the script or the pre-made talk. Depending on the needs and preferences of customers, telesales staff can advise and persuade different ways to make customers love and want to buy products.
  • Closing appointments with customers: For some businesses that sell services or products that need to be seen in person, making an appointment with the customer is an important goal and getting closer. Final step: Finalize sales.
  • Building relationships with customers: Not only selling, good telesales staff also need to build a close relationship with customers through phone calls, inquiries, care, and more consulting services. new for customers to always be loyal to the business.
  • Finding new customers: Not only relying on available customer sources provided by the marketing department, but telesales staff is also sometimes tasked with finding potential customers by themselves through online channels, search engines. …
  • On duty and receive phone calls from customers: With some special business models, telesales staff should always be ready to accept calls from customers to consult and answer information and questions.
  • Report work and track their work progress: Telesales staff need to regularly monitor and manage reports on work results of mines to continuously improve work and ensure sales targets. In addition, the regular review of the report also helps employees to have a better overview of the sales campaign they are participating in.

Telesales process for beginners


Build content first

Maybe the tactic, “slow but sure”, poor preparation is prepared for failure, before calling a customer, you should carefully research the information about the customer that you will call. . The content of this information will help you know the purpose of the call is. Outline the possible situations, the meticulousness will be proportional to the success of that call.

Be a good listener

During the call, remember the principle of 1: 1, the speaker must be listened to, if you can listen to the customer, you will find out what the customer is sharing. If it is unclear what the customer is having, ask directly and accurately the content to most satisfactorily.

Attract customers with the first word

A professional, warm, respectful voice will leave customers with a good impression of you. Certainly, customers will have no reason to talk about problems about products or services that they are interested in.

Make choices for customers

Professional sellers by telephone must be skillful, the direction is to give 2 methods for customers to choose, in the end, customers decide which is choice 1 out of 2. If done well, give 2 correct options. it’s good for your business, but customers still don’t realize it. Ending a call paves the way for later calls.

Practice your voice

If you’re a beginner telesale, voice training is the way to get you closer to success. Ask old people, experienced colleagues to share with you to avoid new mistakes in the profession.

Relaxing body calm

To evaluate telesales people, a method is 80% voice and 20% communication, make your body comfortable, voice conveys accurately, not restraint or suppress. Talk in a fun, informal, respectful way. Being comfortable, working with the “mind” is the most important thing, the customer is god so they are often angry, to say it bluntly, you have to calm down and explain thoroughly to convince the difficult buyers. count.

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Benefits of telesales in business strategy and product promotion

Because it is a method of promoting and convincing to buy directly by phone, telesales have many core advantages as follows:

  • Actively marketing and promoting products. The market is so competitive, it is difficult for consumers to know your brand. Telesales brings a product in front of customers and gets them to pay more attention to the product.
  • Stimulate the shopping needs of users. Telesales provides detailed and attractive information for many different types of audiences, helping customers realize the need to purchase/use their services. Insurance is necessary, for example, but few people care about it until an accident.
  • For the busy, the far away. Telesales is very effective at reaching customers who don’t have the time or conditions to visit the store in person. They just stay at home and take the phone in their spare time to know all the information about the product, and even buy items immediately.
  • Detailed product information and dedicated support. Telesales staff will provide all information related to the product and answer any questions of the user. Customers are better served and a better experience.
  • Up-to-date, detailed, and comprehensive customer profiles. Telesales will collect a lot of necessary information for the business such as interests, circumstances, needs, desires … this information are updated regularly, so it is very accurate and useful.
  • Build a network of loyal customers. Telesales is able to build and maintain positive customer relationships. The business will have a community of loyal and loyal customers.


Professionalism in sales is for all salespeople, not just the Field Salesman. It is brought about by really caring about doing it right, finding out why, when things don’t work, and wanting to sell appropriate products or services to people and companies who really want or need them. This is achievable over the telephone. Telesales can be as professional as the rest, nurture it!

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