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What Is The Best Media Analytics Tool For Marketers In 2020?

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Media Analytics

Today, businesses from across industries are making active marketing investments on social media platforms. But even if the social media content of the business is attractive, attracting millions of followers on social media accounts, it will be meaningless if marketers do not understand all of the data behind them. Social media analytics tools will be a great help to consider, what strategies to maintain, how to increase viewership, reach, and brand spread.

In this article, we will explain why social media analysis is important and suggest some tools to help you measure your social media marketing success.

What is Social Media Analytics?

Media Analytics

Social media analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing and applying data, information and reports related to shared content on social media accounts.

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Why need social Media Analytics?

With social Media Analytics, you can:

  • Understand business-critical metrics, such as engagement, repost, shares, clicks, impressions, and session.
  • Identify effective ways to raise brand awareness and brand reach.
  • Resonant with the audience
  • Increase traffic to your other content and websites
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve customer loyalty

How to follow social media analytics

Here are the steps involved in tracking media analytics:

  • Identify the social media platform on which you will measure the impact (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Identify working metrics to track (eg clicks, impressions, likes, shares).
  • Select a time period to analyze (for example, last quarter, last month, last week, when the campaign launched).
  • Determine which tools to use to track and measure success.
  • Review and analyze the data depending on the tool you choose
  • Apply what has been analyzed and concluded for further improvement in the future.

Social media analytics tracking tools

Media Analytics

HubSpot Social Media Software

HubSpot is a great tool that provides a great overview of how social media impacts profits. It also provides ROI report on these social media channels. You can view and compare performance across different platforms, different campaigns across all public timelines with a single tool.

Tracking your brand on social media will help you understand your target audience and how they view your business and the content you post.

In addition, the YouTube Reports feature will provide detailed information about how customers interact with your videos. Finally, the tool will effectively reach objects using data and context from Contacts in the enterprise’s CRM.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media planning service with extensive media analytics and reports that helps businesses track the performance of all their social media accounts.

Shaping and customizing the reports and metrics will help businesses increase the size of brand visibility on social networks. And if you use HubSpot regularly, integrate your CRM with Sprout Social to collect and view all accurate reports in one place.


Falcon.io is an effective marketing platform on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram with high analytics and community engagement capabilities.

This platform creates an overview of metrics and offers cross-platform KPIs, thereby determining which strategies are performing best.

The dashboard can be customized to update in real-time to provide insight into your business account performance. With templates available, these customizable dashboards are both easy to create and deploy.

Integrate Falcon.io with HubSpot CRM to synchronize customer data for social media campaigns, create a custom audience and similar, and provide services to all customers through the public. this tool.


Mailchimp is a marketing platform that provides a full range of media analytics services on social networks. It is very easy to use with small groups of marketers and does not take too long to analyze metrics.

With Mailchimp, you get an audience overview, which is dedicated to understanding audience behavior. Besides, the platform also provides tools to review smart targeting features and mobile integration. This tool helps businesses diversify their social strategies, bringing back higher engagement by helping users create content that specific audiences will respond to.


This is a media analytics platform that allows businesses to set up and track the goals of their media campaigns. If your business has multiple contacts, social media accounts, campaign goals, and audiences, this is the right platform for you.

You can change and customize the most important metrics in your campaign or social channels for reporting.


This tool will fully display user engagement across all social media accounts. It integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Ads, Facebook, Marketo, and Microsoft Office so users can view all their data in one place.

Grow breaks complex data into graphs and images and allows sharing of social reports with colleagues working on the same project. Grow reports are built with user-selected metrics – so you can customize the report to suit your needs.


ActiveCampaign is an email marketing software with helpful social media features and reports. Users can connect to Digg, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to collect performance insights.

This is a good choice for many businesses that focus on email marketing when integrated with social media channels. ActiveCampaign reports will also track what a contact does after they click through to the business website.


CoSchedule collects data from social networks, campaigns, business account engagement, and aggregates that real-time data into reports.

From the on-page overview report, you can compare campaigns, which in turn determine which audience ecosystem is thriving most. You can also see the most active followers on your channel, making it easier to target them and create content.


Ultimately, choosing the right social media analytics tools for your business shouldn’t be a stressful process. The tools should align with your business goals and deliver the metrics you need to be successful. So review the options above and choose the right one for your business.

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