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What is the exit pop-up? 3 ways to use pop-ups with intent to boost your sales

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What is the exit intent popup?

A bounce pop-up is a type of pop-up system that tracks a person on your website and prompts a pop-up message in case it notices that your particular website visitor is about to leave? That allows you to gain them for a while longer before they continue.

Pop-ups can have a variety of uses, but in any case, intent-to-exit pop-ups can be an important part of getting the most out of your marketing.

By using the exit pop-up, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate, which is crucial, especially when you’re using paid advertising to help drive Meaningful visitors. have higher intention to come to his website.

When you do paid advertising, you have to have a clear sense of who you are really trying to target. When you target consumers, you usually start with the buyer personality as well as the customer user profile for access later. If you are in an area of ​​unpopular interest, you can reduce your focus a bit and do some experimenting with relatively small financial disclosure (because advertising will be cheap). However, if you are in a very competitive field, your competitors will often focus on identical groups of individuals. That means you are probably bidding against each other, and that increases the cost of each end user.

This means you should increase every single consumer coming to your site – and that’s where the Intended Exit Popup really stands out. Get rid of the Pop-ups intended to improve conversions, reduce redemption costs to help you earn more!

You can find many ways to work with the exit pop-up, Here are a few ways:

  • Abandoned or Finished Shopping Cart See Reminder – Annexcloud did research and found that 50% -80% of shopping carts were abandoned. Consider that, more than half of individuals are prepared to buy wind that does not make it.
  • This is usually “Reduced dangling fresh fruit” and our figures show that you can recover 20% of identified abandoned vehicles using the on-time target exit popup (if the object in the shopping cart) Incentives Buy or Earnings – You motivate a highly objective consumer in your store or website pop up
  • They review your product or service but are about to keep.

What is your occupation? Encourage them to buy or come back! The Exit Intent pop-up can be used to engage end users with higher intentions before they depart, as well as ensuring that you’re not just offering a discount rate to potential consumers. total cost performance.

Research has shown that a person can actually increase sales by 35%. Embracing email – As an online business, one of the toughest things you can do is always direct customers to your website. Once they’re there, you need to retain these customers. Exit intent pop-up is one of case in this idea.

Train customers something before they hold it on – Is there something specific about your product or service that could make customers rethink leaving? Maybe your organization has a mission that your customers will worry about? Or maybe you want to allow potential customers to find out why your product or service is better than others.

It can be anything – but this could be the final picture of you when trying to keep them on the website pop up. 

Opinion on demand – Your customers are leaving – now might be a great time to find out why. Ask them for appropriate feedback when they leave behind – determine if your product or service is unattractive, or maybe it’s overly listed or characterized by poor quality – real whatever. It can help boost future sales.

Research has shown that you should expect a 4% response rate. Play a Game or Combine and Combine – Ultimately – you can often explore pop-ups (like the Proof Factor!) Do a few things – they can be interactive, they can be games, and It can still increase your sales – don’t hesitate to experiment!

How to use the exit pop-up .Take note from above, the exit pop-up is a type of website pop up used to keep high-intent users / clients on your site trying to turn exchange them in some way before they leave.

That means you have to think about the actions users take into consideration before they keep your website pop up.

The two simplest and most obvious things are dependent on how much time they spend on your website and whether their program monitors users on the site and prompts a pop-up in case of a guest notification. Your specific visitors are about to leave. That allows you to reach them for a while before they depart of pop up design.

When you set up the exit pop-out, there are a number of factors to consider.

Style your Exit-Intent pop-up

Pop-ups should match the feel and look of your website pop up. In addition to creating their bounce target showing up using their logo, their specific text / copy matches their message, and the color system will work fine when using the website.


‍What do you want your exit intent pop-up to accomplish – do you want to increase product sales? Do you want to improve your email list? Ask for feedback? Consider what you want your pop-ups to achieve, then choose the right offers (coupons, free shipping, lottery) for the customer to do so the exit pop-up. 

Set it

After you’ve identified your goal and the right style, exit pop-up  set it! You can find factors such as failure in making (it is possible to set a delay time, show pop-ups only after the consumer has been on the site for x for just a few seconds) or You can guarantee that you only show it to end users every 30 days (so you don’t annoy them).

Get started and test! Once you are released, keep an eye on your results and don’t be reluctant to experiment.
Now that you know more about the Intent exit pop-up – give it a try! You can use Leadee.ai  for free (forever) to start testing your beginner program (the first 1k special regular users are free – no credit card required!). Comment and mention this post and we’ll increase your totally free monthly readership!



Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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