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What Is The SOS Pattern? 3 Steps SOS To Bring Email Marketing Campaign To Success

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SOS pattern

Today, Email Marketing is no longer a strange concept, more and more businesses are using Email Marketing as an important and necessary form of Marketing, especially small and medium businesses. However, not everyone knows how to build an effective Email Marketing campaign for a brand. SOS pattern is a useful solution for you to start an Email Marketing campaign immediately. In the article below, MarketingAI will reveal to you what is the SOS model? How to perform the SOS pattern in just 3 easy steps.

ย What is the SOS pattern?

What is SOS? What is the acronym SOS? SOS is the three abbreviations of Survey, Optimize and Smooth, which are also the 3 steps to implement this model. SOS pattern helps you to use push email messages to solicit customer feedback. Customer Feedback received from customers will also become a “helper” contributing to the success of your next marketing campaign.

SOS is used when

Normally, SOS is used when businesses want to promote and attract customer feedback, SOS helps bring a lot of success to corporate marketing campaigns.

Implementation of SOS pattern with 3 easy steps


SOS pattern

This is the first step in the SOS pattern. What you need to do in this step is to create a survey (online or offline) with your customers. The purpose of this survey is to find out what your customers like or dislike about your product / service. Use different types of surveys to get the best results in the areas where your product / service has met / did not meet the needs or tastes of your customers.

Some examples of questionnaires that you can refer to are:

  • Have they received the benefits they want from your product?
  • What benefits would they expect from your product / service?
  • How do they get the most out of the product they buy?
  • Which features of the product bring the greatest benefit to customers? Which trait is least valuable?

When doing a survey, one thing to keep in mind is to ask your customers about both the good and the bad in your product / service. And you have to be prepared for both. At the end of the survey, let your customers rate your product / service on a scale of 1 to 10.

If the results of the survey show that your product / service has not really satisfied customers, you need to point out the features that stand out from the competitor’s mind. On the other hand, if the information you get is generic, take a closer look at the data you have. Besides, let’s find ways to “upgrade” the customer database, develop products based on unsatisfied needs from customers.

Information, or customer feedback that you get through the survey can completely become a “powerful assistant” for your Marketing strategy later. You can even show the results of surveys done in the marketing emails you send to customers, which will contribute to improving customer confidence in your brand.

The purpose of the survey is not to validate your current idea, but to find out about your customers themselves. You will see what interests customers, or benefits, that really matter to them. Through surveys, you can develop better products, or tailor offers to deliver higher conversion rates.

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Optimize (Optimize)

From the results of the first step, you will understand which benefits are most important to your customers, as well as what you need to focus on in your upcoming marketing campaign. This is also the “springboard” to help you optimize your Marketing activities.

In the event that the product / service and the reason for the customer’s purchase are not linked, change the approach by focusing on the benefits that the customer is most interested in, or adapting them to Marketing activities.

One way to optimize products with Email Marketing surveys that you can refer to is to include survey data in testimonials on websites or Marketing documents. Focus on customers who feel they are getting the most out of your product / service, making them talk more about the core benefits you are offering.

Finally, remember that, whether the target audience is existing or potential customers, creating a value proposition will drive the customer faster from the “get to” phase through the “buy” phase. row”.

Smooth (Barrier removal)

After surveying customers and optimizing marketing, the final step is to remove barriers in the conversion process. Use mass emailing software such as InfusionSoft, GetResponse, Aweber, … to find out why a customer has clicked but did not buy the product.

Ask them what drives them to buy, by product benefit or price? Find out what happened during their purchase. Is the buying process so complicated that they hesitate? What prevents them from “buying”? Or how to make the product / service more useful? From the information obtained, draw conclusions about “obstacles” in the purchasing process. Finally, all you need to do is remove these “obstacles”, with the aim of increasing conversion rates, turning potential customers into customers.

Besides, please absorb negative feedback to change your marketing strategy. Use website or Email Marketing to solve that negative thing, and prove your product can fully satisfy customers’ concerns.

Obtaining customer feedback, recognizing and eliminating negative points in the conversion process and turning them into a selling point is a smart marketing strategy.

Another SOS concept you need to know

SOS pattern

What is an SOS call

SOS call, also known as emergency call, is usually installed on your phone. When you use an SOS call your location will be sent to the emergency help center. There are times when your mobile device can only call what SOS is, that is because the phone is locked.

What organization is SOS

SOS or SOS Children’s Village is a social club built to take care of orphans. SOS is also an abbreviation for Societas Socialis which is socially responsible.


The above article has shown you what SOS is, through the SOS pattern you can see your weaknesses. By taking advantage of 3 simple steps: surveying customer opinions, optimizing based on customer feedback and solving difficulties in the transition, your business can completely turn the SOS pattern into toolsย  Effective for a successful Email Marketing campaign. You can see more 15 of the best Newsletter templates for Email Marketing

Thank you and Best Regard!

Leadee.ai Team


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