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What is Viral Video? Properly spread Video “Million View”

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Viral Video

Since the days when brands hold their breath waiting for their luck to come to their videos to bring in sales, viral videos can now be created with a possible purpose and plan. To achieve that, first of all, businesses must understand clearly what viral video is, how to make a viral video, and build a proper execution strategy below.

What is Viral Video?

Viral Video

What is Viral? The word “viral” comes from the English language – “virus”. A form of the biological unit that spreads exponentially. Viral videos also work that way. When you enjoy watching a video and then share it with your friends on Facebook, they will think the video is awesome and share it with their friends. Just like that, that video can reach millions of views online.

For marketers, viral videos have a special appeal, because they are synonymous with free advertising. Two months ago, the video of reusing Coca-Cola’s bottle caps “Second Lives” became popular throughout Vietnam. From May 15 to 16, I kept reloading my web browser once an hour, and every time I reload the video, I gained tens of thousands of new views. Similar to the above case, Samsung’s “dare selfie” video series to promote Samsung Galaxy also achieved about 1.5 million views online. Both companies spared no money on video production to create media coverage on a free platform.

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Take advantage of Viral Video with the right category

Viral Video

Viral video marketing often works best when they promote consumer products because the audience is always large and most of them prefer to use social networks. In particular, these items are also easy to attract attention by familiar, easy-to-use features.

In the US, one of the best and most successful viral video use companies is Blendtec, a start-up that produces a superb blender that can blend smoothies and blend margaritas (cocktails. A new company with a limited media budget that can compete with the big brands and big names in the market? In 2007, Dickson (Blendtec director) was very good at grinding an entire iPhone New to fine powder You sacrifice an iPhone 400 USD? The cost is too cheap when the video reaches 12,000 views on YouTube.

Prepare yourself for a viral video campaign before getting started

Viral Video

If you want a viral video campaign, start in the opposite direction from where the customer is buying. Viral video marketing should not be created just because you have a good idea, either because it’s fun or interesting or because you want to be unique, weird, or want to make a strong impression. It is not a good way to convert customers. The viral video, like other digital media, is still the most important thing to keep your audience engaged, persuade them to buy, relating to them, and help them feel connected with your brand. Viral video naturally represents your brand exactly. That would be done through comedy, inspirational, shocking, quirky videos, … – there are dozens of ways.

Facebook has stated publicly and through private chats that one-minute video doesn’t perform well, especially for the vast majority of brands with awfully long promotional content. If you run a four-minute video ad, Facebook will “kill” you and charge a premium for people’s time-wasting. However, if your 4-minute video captures very well, Facebook will be generous with an effective cost-per-conversion, a viral hit, and give you the reach you want.

Why 4 minutes when the average viewer only watches even the best Facebook video ad in 15 seconds and only 25 seconds on YouTube? Imagine you are passing by a household goods stall in the mall, you will not notice employees if they just pass by. But if the staff stop, talk, tell stories, and entertain you, you might stop at the counter for 4 to 5 minutes, even if you don’t have the need to shop for appliances. As a result, you’ll remember the salesperson long after, including the store and the brand she represents. It’s a way to convince a certain number of people to stop buying and remind potential customers of the brand when there is demand.

Remember that the new way to measure video virality is how effective you are as a brand in driving sales. The point in the new social media advertising era is that thanks to viral clips you can track your target audience and continue your relationship with them through remarketing in lower-channel ads to educate, inform, and inform, sell, offer special offers, etc. Therefore, knowing what viral video is will help you better navigate your content, and do not need to “hold your breath and pray”.

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Don’t Try Too Hard

The key, however, is to capture all of these factors in a way that doesn’t seem forced. No video that goes viral was created with the specific intention of “Going Viral.”

When you create your videos for your marketing plan, focus on the message and strategy first. Don’t just try to go viral. You want your videos to help you achieve your goals. After all, your video could be seen by all of the people in the world, but it won’t matter if it doesn’t compel them to buy from you.


The goal of creating a video shouldn’t be to go viral. Going viral video is a bonus. Something that comes after creating a quality video. Before beginning the video creation process, determine what it is you want the video to accomplish. Is it a tutorial? Will you explicitly promote a product? In other words, these elements cannot help the video unless the purpose of the video can stand on its own..

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