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What is visual communication? Advantages and disadvantages

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visual communication

What is the definition of Visual communication? In visual communication, images, text colors are very important to the public. However, Visual communication has advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.

I. What is visual communication?

Visual communication is visual communication. In content marketing, visual communication is mainly through visual images. For example, facial expressions, gestures, eyes, illustrations, diagrams, … all affect the audience or target customers you target.

Visual communication is communicated on many different media. They can be newspapers, magazines, television channels, on social networks or billboards, ….

Nowadays, the influence of communication on customers is extremely important. Every day, your customers are exposed to thousands of different information. In order for your visual image or message to imprint on your audience, you need to be different.

However, there are many Visual communication but there are several rules:

The forbidden symbol is the object and has a slash mark

Visual communication is a way of communicating with people through ideas, information and visual images that are supported in various media.

II. Advantages of Visual Communication

visual communication

Visual communication is the means most businesses currently use to communicate and promote images. This is an increasingly popular form. Some advantages that Visual communication brings:

  1. Voice communication

  Today’s modern techniques, allowing online communication, help users easily access information in communication.

  1. Extremely effective for illiterate people

If recipients are illiterate, they have a hard time capturing the information. But with visual images, it is different. Sometimes the writing is too much to confuse others. Images make it more accessible for you. Like a child, it captures information through images faster than text.

  1. Easier to explain than media without pictures

With visual communication, everyone can better interpret the meaning. Visual images that better illustrate what that idea is.

  1. Avoid wasting time

Visual communication prevents time wasting. Written communication takes too long. Interchange of visual images, sound and text will save time for both the media and the customer.

  1. Visual communication simplifies information to convey

 Instead you have to write a long piece of text describing something. You can use pictures, people easier to understand and visualize faster.

  1. Visual communication is very common

The trend today is visual communication. If you do not follow this trend, you will definitely go slowly, even backward from society.

III. Disadvantages of Visual communication


visual communication

Visual communication has many advantages and benefits for the media and the public. Besides, there are some other limitations:

  1. High cost

 The visual communication methods are more expensive than other methods. To draw maps, charts, diagrams is expensive. That’s why only large companies or organizations can use this technique.

  1. Complex presentation

Sometimes visualizing information becomes complicated. The recipient cannot understand the meaning of the presentation.

  1. Incomplete method

This technique is considered to be an incomplete method. Visual presentation is not sufficient for effective and clear communication but can also be used successfully with oral communication.

  1. Waste of time

 Sometimes visual techniques take a long time to communicate. Meanwhile, verbal communication does not take time to exchange information.

  1. Confusing

Difficult to understand and requires a lot of repetition in visual communication. Since it uses gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, touch, etc. to communicate with others, it may be incomprehensible to simple and foolish people.

  1. Problems with readers in general

People in general do not like communicating through direct communication with others. Sometimes it just can’t impress everyone or listeners. It is less impactful and cannot be used everywhere.


With information about what is visual communication ?, surely you already understand some part about visual communication. Depending on your business goals and scale, you should consider using Visual communication. Wishing you a successful business.


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