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What is What is Sale Funnel?

Sale Funnel

What is Sale Funnel?

The definition of Sale Funnel is understood quite simply as follows: “Sale Funnel (also known as Sales Funnel) is a process or system used to make sales while building muscle. a long-term customer database with a large number of people coming to your site ”.

The idea of ​​”sales funnel” or “Sale Funnel” or “Purchase Funnel” appeared even before the Internet (ie around 1898). At this point, sales funnels are understood as the basic activities of an enterprise. However, with the current remarkable scientific and technological developments, Sale Funnel is seen as a streamlined process or system operating with the help of automated tools. By using the tools and resources available to your business, you can quickly create and increase your profitability, and increase the efficiency of your business.

Sale Funnel

Sale Funnel’s role in the business of the business

The sales funnel simulates the process of converting a purchase lead into a purchase action. The lower the funnel, the higher the potential a customer will buy. The target audience will have a unique identifier for each sales funnel position, specifically as follows:

– Visitor: After identifying the target customer, the business will implement Marketing activities to influence this group of customers on the website of the business. Then, they become visitors.

– Potential customers (Lead): These are customers who regularly visit the website of the business. They love and are interested in the products and services that businesses provide.

Qualified Lead: These are potential customers with a clear “signal” about wanting to buy products and services of the business.

– Customers (Customer): Are people who have completed a purchase.

A Sale Funnel is a process of leading, educating and sharing the value of a business to turn “target customers” into “loyal customers” of the business. By building a funnel for a system, step by step in the funnel, you can easily collect customer behavior data at each step to aim to know exactly what your business has. be able to do and entice your target audience. This helps your business optimize the sales funnel without having to guess or make predictions anymore. This is one of the very important steps on the journey to learn to sell so you can successfully win customers and boom sales.

How does Sale Funnel work?

Sale Funnel

One thing you need to keep in mind when your business launches Sale Funnel is that your business must ensure that there are two factors: Your business needs to have the target customer market and the scope and scale of the business. Your business may be in a locality, country or in the world, but your business always has ideal customers to serve. After you have ensured the above two factors, let Unica explore how the sales funnel works.

Create awareness of your existence to your target audience

This is the first job you need to do, when the target customers your business is targeting know of your existence, they will then get to know your business and start learning information about the product. , services of the business. At this point you will have the opportunity to reach out and convert them into leads. One question arises: How to reach your target audience and increase their awareness of you? What you need to do is identify their behavior and come up with the most appropriate approaches. Here are some methods to help you reach your target audience simply and quickly:

– If your target audience is a regular participant in forums, you need to join those forums and reach them through comments, exchanges, … or do you have You can write a blog post about a problem that your customers are interested in to let them know that you or your business is researching and offering solutions to solve those problems.

– If your ideal customer is a majority of people who regularly use Facebook, you need to have a Facebook account and start activities like Live Stream on Facebook, Youtube to increase the reach of your target customers. In your business, marketing courses will be a great choice that you cannot ignore.

-If your ideal customers don’t use the Internet, you still need to be where they are. Are they listening to the radio? Watch any TV channels? Is it part of a community?… Reach out to your customers through those media channels.

Here is an ideal: How Brands Use Video to Boost Awareness

Collect ideal customer contact information

Once you’ve reached your target audience, you’ll start chatting with your ideal client, keeping them in mind about your work. Besides, please “take advantage” to collect their information, for example can get their email simply called with a headline like “Leave email to receive new articles weekly”, …

Build relationships with your ideal customers

Once you have your potential audience in hand, take the time to get to know them and start talking to them and building relationships with them. Through it, find out their needs, their problems, their desires. You should put yourself in the shoes of your customers so that you can understand them and build a good relationship. Answer some of the questions below to better understand your customers: When you make a purchase, you can spend hours researching, reading reviews, watching video reviews or asking friends before making a sale. decide to buy or not? In particular, what if you are introduced to you by a trusted friend? …

By giving customers value, you can easily build trust, trusting you in their mind. You can give value by:

Provide valuable information to them

– Share useful articles, insightful stories, product reviews, reminders and answer their questions

Even if not your story, your articles, but if useful to your target audience, share them

Offers a paid solution (ask for sale)

If you have completed the above works best, now is the time to propose a solution (product or service) to their particular problem. Although in the first steps, you may not be able to sell to your potential customers, you should remember not to give up. Keep submitting useful, educational, entertaining, and informative content that’s okay and keep answering their questions. After you sell them, they become your customers. Whether or not they continue to buy your next solution is up to you. This is a process that takes a lot of your persistence and effort.

Maintain relationships with customers, make customers satisfied

You already have the client, which proves that you’ve brought a person down from the top of the funnel near the bottom of the funnel. Now is the time to maintain that good relationship with your customer and start maximizing your customers’ lasting value by introducing more solutions over the next several months and years. You need to continue helping your customers with their problems for years to come. This will help you maximize profits in the best way. One thing to keep in mind is that you should focus on specific stages to maximize the efficiency of your sales funnel.


Take time to build out a sales funnel that represents what you want and what your audience wants. Cultivate it over time, adjust your approach to various sales funnel stages, and find out why your efforts aren’t working.

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