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When Should Marketing Hand Leads To Sales?

Leads to Sales

Does your business department feel that the leads marketing hands them are incredible quality? Similarly, does your marketing department feel that sales are effective at following up and closing the leads they send?

If the answer is ‘no’ on either or both counts, you may need to review your lead capability, management, and handover measures.  

Having a marketing/sales disconnect (and as a result, prioritising poor quality leads) is a common concern for many organisations. As we’ve seen from the latest HubSpot State of Inbound report:

  • 70% of sales teams would give marketing-generated leads a “3” out of 5 stars” rating or less regarding quality
  • 25% of sales teams say leads are ‘not at all knowledgeable’ about their company before they make first contact
  • 59% of organisations using inbound marketing believe it produces the highest quality leads for the sales team, vs. just 17% holding faith in outbound practices
  • Interestingly, 84% of organisations using inbound – who also have an SLA in place between sales and marketing – would characterise their marketing strategy as effective.

While the facts demonstrate that inbound marketing works to generate as high quality, relevant leads for the business as possible, it’s still important that marketing knows when to hand leads to sales – and realizes which leads ought to be organized – to keep away from sat around and asset. 

As marketing and sales processes evolve, instead of marketing handing all leads straight to sales and walking away, marketing teams must now guarantee that they only hand quality, qualified leads to sales.

The leads salespeople get ought to be at least marketing qualified (MQLs) – which means they fit the persona profile of who you need to target, and are probably going to close – making them worth seeking after. Helping to reduce the length of the sales cycle, minimise wasted resources,  upgrade deals discussions and improve deals and advertising’s assessments of one another, an adjusted cycle is useful to the entire business. The following are six contemplations for improving promoting/deals arrangement, and that lead handover measure.

6 Considerations To Ensure Marketing Hands Quality Leads To Sales

1. Define your buyer persona profiles leads to sales

Leads to sales

Persona mapping is the starting point for all good inbound activity, as without a clear idea of your organisation’s ideal target persona (and you may have more than one), activity will be poorly targeted, wasting time and resources. Typically, your persona profile will include information on the ideal job title, industry, budget, company size and perhaps the geographical location of the leads you’re looking to secure more of.

How does this improve the lead handoff between marketing and sales?

Everyone involved in your marketing and sales operations should clearly understand who your buyer persona(s) are in order to correctly qualify the leads you generate. Without this clarity, you may find you’re prioritising and nurturing poor-fit leads who are either unlikely to close, or who would be a poor fit for your solution, making them likely to churn.

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2. Define What Constitutes an MQL/SQL For Your Organisation

Of course persona profiling is just the first step. Your leads all sit at different stages in the purchasing cycle; some will be prepared to speak to sales immediately, while others will require more sustain from marketing first.

For marketing and sales to be adjusted on which lead is prepared for what action, it’s important to define what comprises an MQL (marketing qualified lead) and SQL (sales qualified lead) for your association. Typically:

  • An MQL is a lead who has been established as a good fit for your product/service (your ideal persona)
  • An SQL (sales qualified lead) is a Marketing Qualified Lead who has been nurtured through the sales funnel to the decision stage – they are deemed to be ready to start purchase conversations with sales.

How does this improve the lead handoff between marketing and sales?

On the off chance that leads are esteemed to be qualified, or in the event that they are dynamic purchasers (i.e they’re taking a gander at your substance and your site or beginning to draw in), it’s by and large a decent an ideal opportunity to hand them over. 

MQL and SQL boundaries ought to be remembered for your SLA; this enables every division to concede to precisely when leads ought to be given over, what moves ought to be made, and gives advertising an away from of absolutely what deals needs.

3. Set Up An SLA Between Marketing & Sales

As we’ve referenced above, 84% of associations who have a SLA set up among advertising and deals, accept their promoting to be powerful. 

How can this improve the lead handoff among promoting and deals? 

With a SLA (Service Level Agreement) set up among advertising and deals, the two offices can pick up lucidity on your association’s accurate meaning of a certified lead, so can cooperate towards an unmistakable objective. A SLA likewise empowers the two divisions to characterize precisely which lead duties lie with who – which means the two sides know about who is liable for what activity, with what leads, all through the business cycle. This assists with dodging duplication of exertion, however it guarantees that certified leads are given throughout at precisely the ideal time. Make sure to constantly survey your SLA and change if important.

4. Implement a leads to sales scoring system

Leads to Sales


Lead scoring is one of the most helpful cycles available to you, as it permits everybody required to decide the estimation of a lead (and in this manner how to organize them) with a reasonable point-based score. Normally this is out of 100, with focuses doled out dependent on specific activities the lead may have taken, and certain traits they make have, (for example, organization size). 

How can this improve the lead handoff among advertising and deals? 

With lead scoring set up (and obviously empowered by an adjusted showcasing computerization and CRM stage, for example, HubSpot), deals and advertising can concede to a focuses edge that each lead ought to have prior to being regarded prepared to hand over.

5. Communicate!

The achievement of an adjusted deals and advertising group depends on customary correspondence and close coordinated effort. 

How can this improve the lead handoff among advertising and deals? 

Guarantee that all gatherings approach a similar information (advertising information and your CRM), screen with standard gatherings, and decide clear, concurred hand over focuses between divisions – continually being set up to change and survey reliant on various purchaser signals as you progress.


Lead generation is not an overnight process. It takes time to find leads and nurture them until leads to sales. Sometimes, you’ll meet with leads who are further down the buyer’s journey and other times, there are those who just aren’t ready to seal the deal.

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