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Why Use Popups On Your Online Store?


Why are so many of your favorite websites using pop-ups? While they are annoying and annoying, they actually work quite effectively. Within the scope of this article, we will give you the reasons why you need pop-ups for your website and effective ways to get the most out of them.

1.How Popup Works?


The purpose of the popup is to assist in calling the customer to action (call-to-action). These activities may be the sale announcements you want your customers to know about, but another popup’s purpose is to collect email addresses. Many surveys and surveys have shown that pop-ups work best with this goal. In a recent test, the popup has attracted 1.375% more emails than the form of displaying email fill in the menu bar. In another test, a website usually gets 10 to 15 subscribers per day even though the number of daily visitors is over 44,000. After using pop-ups with 60 seconds of impressions, they quickly got between 100 and 150 emails per day. Why do you need to collect email addresses?

You spend your time and finances always filled with water (also customers) but the majority (99% if you get 1% conversion rate) will drift out of the bag and can’t come back. . Keeping customers in the basket offers invaluable opportunities to maintain and grow your business. By collecting the email addresses of customers, you are taking the second and third opportunities to attract customers and convert them into loyal buyers through effective email marketing campaigns. Why email? Why not attract information from Facebook or Twitter?

Conversion rates from email is one of the most effective methods. In fact, email is a form of ROI about 4.3% according to the Direct Marketing Association. In addition, the customer’s personal email box is one of the attention-grabbing environments, where information is collected from the channels that customers are interested in, through email, you will have the free opportunity to deliver the most exciting things to the customer that in no way can be achieved.

2. Some forms of Pop-ups

There are many ways to display pop-ups based on customer behavior. Here are the common ones:

Based on time (Timed-Based): This form will display a popup after a predetermined time period. A time-based popup works well if you set a visualization time of 60 seconds or more, depending on whether you are targeting customers who regularly visit the website and have certain interactions.

Content-Based: If you only want to display popup on certain content pages, choose this popup form.

Pop-Out: Pop-out is another variation of the pop-up. Instead of appearing out of a sudden and disrupting customer experience, pop-out displays on a corner of the screen while the customer continues to shop or read the news.

Scroll-Based: This form is used when a user has rolled the mouse at a certain ratio on your page. It is frequently used on blogs or pages with a certain amount of exposure. Target customers are those who regularly visit the website with fixed browsing and reading time.

Exit-Intent: An exit-based popup is displayed to a set of customers who are intending to leave the site. Using monitoring and analysis tools, the popup app will determine when a user intends to return or close a page in the browser and display a popup at the very last moment to capture the attention of visitors. information about filling email addresses or presenting promotional advertisements before customers leave the site. Here more information What is the exit pop-up? 3 ways to use intentional pop-ups to boost your sales


3. For Popup to work effectively for your website

If you do decide to use pop-ups for your website, let see our product leadee.ai

there are a few things you need to keep in mind for this to work effectively without annoying your customers.

Timing is everything. You can display pop-ups in different locations during a customer visit to your website. Pop-ups can appear as soon as they have entered your site, after a set amount of time, or when they take a certain action or when they are about to leave your site. Showing a popup as soon as a customer enters the page can give you more emails, but it can also be counterproductive when annoying the viewer. Many experts have stated that getting a lot of emails of this kind is often of low quality because many people do not have enough time to explore your site and really feel your brand and product will be suitable. suits them. This can completely lead to poor-quality email lists with many people unlinking emails quickly.

Choose the right content. Choosing the right content is quite difficult. Similar to creating any other form of advertising, your images need to be eye-catching and interesting, the piece of content needs to get straight to the point and provide a clear benefit and a strong call-to-action. Lots of new and loyal customers turn off pop-ups as soon as they see them, so you only have 1 second to grab their attention and deliver exactly what they love.

Some other forms of popup besides email collection:

Shop owners and online business owners use pop-ups to collect email addresses, however, there are other ways to use popup such as:

  • To answer hypothetical questions from customers before they ask.
  • To encourage downloading or viewing of eBooks or text.
  • Introduce attractive promotions.
  • When you want to survey customers about questions to collect information about user habits.
  • When you want to call customers to see the product lines or newly launched products.


Every business has a unique mission made upon unique individuals, values, and goals. Used with moderation and great consideration, pop-ups panels can have a significant effect on your conversion rate. It can also build a larger audience for non-buyers if they are subscribing to your newsletter or sales offers via email. Don’t forget read 5 Reasons Why You Want to Use Website Popups

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