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Word of mouth marketing: A simple strategy for growing your business

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word of mouth marketing

Marketing is not an arduous task or an activity that only marketers can perform. We all tend to carry out marketing activities without even considering it.

We often get in the habit of telling all our favorites and their strengths to our best friends and acquaintances. In a split second, we became referred customers. Surprisingly, our friends are influenced by the core that they choose to buy the product.

This cycle continues to repeat as we consciously or unconsciously create another customer.

What is Word of mouth Marketing?

As the name suggests, Word of mouth Marketing is an influential form of marketing where you can influence and encourage the other person to buy a product without any mentality to gain benefits. But it tends to produce great results.

“Word of mouth marketing is a viable and cost-effective source of advertising. Also, bragging is less valuable than complimenting your customers about your brand. ”

Word of mouth definition : It can understand that another word for promote your product to make more people know.

Why does Word of mouth Marketing work?

In word of mouth marketing, your customers play a central role in promoting your brand. Empowering them therefore becomes a prerequisite for the success of you and your brand.

The statistics themselves show the power of “Word of mouth marketing”. Some of them are as follows:

  • According to a survey conducted, 74% of customers believe that WOM is a significant influence on their buying decision.
  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family.
  • About 70% of people trust the views and perceptions of other customers online
  • 72% of customers trust reviews. It enhances a sense of trustworthiness about the brand or said business. Even a smaller rate of reviews attracts the attention of other customers. That is the supreme power of WOMEN.
  • Note: Businesses must work hard to turn their customers into an avid fan of successful results by Word of mouth Marketing

Word of mouth – How customers can promote?

As stated above, Word of mouth Marketing is not just limited to customers but products to their friends and acquaintances. It is more than that.

Customers can also promote brands online. Let’s see how:

  • Showing off on social media: They bought it, used it, and loved it. The next moment, they brag about it online via a selfie on their favorite social media portal.
  • Brand tagging: Customers show their affection for the brand by tagging you, which is another way of brand evaluation.
  • Make a buzz: Influencing other customers online through Word of mouth Marketing is not a form of persuasive communication. Also, people never buy a product unless and until it has an “X” element. such as: another word for promote

As a result, word of mouth marketing helps build a great foundation for your brand and replicate your customer base.

What are Basic Word of mouth Marketing Strategies?

  1.  Find influencers
    In addition to your customers bragging about your products, you can get the help of influencers who will further promote Word of mouth marketing. But the difference lies in customers and influencers; You need to pay them to promote your brand. But on the brighter side, you have the same control over your branding activities as you can let influencers know when they’ll post about your brand on social media and what will they post. It is important. 
  2.  The World of Hashtags
    The hashtags are trending these days. You can easily promote your startup with a video or post and write something unique about it with hashtags # Your Business Name. After doing this, you can ask your followers to use hashtags to promote your products, and in return you can reward them with special outing prizes. When your hashtag becomes popular, it increases your brand’s sales.
  3. Customer-generated content
    Customers perform many of your promotions. Let’s say they buy an outfit from your brand and want to show it off to their Instagram friends when people know it through customer-generated content. They feel captivated and end up buying a similar outfit.
  4.  Make a contest
    You can encourage word of mouth by getting customers to create content. You can post photos of your customers on your social media platforms or product pages. Give them credit by giving them some incentives. You can create a contest in which you can ask customers to post their photos of your product. In return, give them a reward or a chance to win a free product as most effective
  5.  Rate your image polishing
    Reviews play a key role in driving your word of mouth campaigns. Suppose a customer has purchased a product and left a review on the product page. At the same time, visitors to the store also browse the page and read some great reviews. It not only enhances the brand’s reputation, but also boosts sales.
  6. Design an introduction program
    Creating a Referral not only helps to drive your word-of-mouth campaigns, but also brings you more customers. How? Offer rewards and incentives to your customers who ask their friends to buy products.
    Note: You can offer cash or non-cash deals to your existing customers. ie REFERENCES

Examples of Successful Word of mouth Marketing Campaigns:
Chipotle: It has created a lot of success from shareable online campaigns. It created a video campaign called SHARE CROW showing the backward world of a crow working in a factory. But as a rebel, he ends up running his own factory. Players have enabled videos to earn codes for free chipotle items. Chipotle’s videos have received millions of views as he combined storytelling with an incentive to deliver to make people trust.

Netflix: Netflix has always been a hot topic for web series buffs. It was and still is talking about town. Watchers are stepping up word of mouth marketing campaigns. Netflix’s “BINGE WATCHING” strategy has certainly received great popularity from viewers. That is so most effective

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has a name and a reputation in the market. Although it doesn’t need any advertising, the recent “Share a can of Coke” campaign has generated huge enthusiasm from its lovers. It includes the names of many customers on its cans and bottles. Customers whose names are on the wine bottles have been on social media to show off their names with attractive posts. In turn, it also intimidates others. That is so important to promote.
The above companies and many others achieved higher conversion rates with authoritative Word of mouth marketing campaigns.


Word of mouth marketing is a simple yet powerful strategy for increasing sales and conversion rates. Your existing customers also play an equal but essential role in promoting your brand with new customers, so put them on a higher pedestal and they will be brand ambassadors, your best performance and most effective. 

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