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Sale Funnel

What is What is Sale Funnel?

What is Sale Funnel? The definition of Sale Funnel is understood quite simply as follows: “Sale Funnel (also known as Sales Funnel) is a process or system used to make sales while building muscle. a long-term customer database with a large number of people coming to your site ”. The idea of ​​”sales funnel” or […]
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potential customer

Do’s and Don’ts when looking for potential customers

We all know that finding potential customers is the lifeblood of a sales person, especially those working in real estate brokerage. There are so many people who want to know how salespeople like them do not waste time searching. Some of them don’t feel there are enough qualified leads, or some have trouble finding motivation […]
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Personalized marketing – 2 tips to personalize your marketing in a new reality!

Personalized marketing or personalized marketing activities is a strategy to reach and care for potential customers through the application of digital technology to listen and understand the concerns of the target audience. Facing increasing demands in post-pandemic customer experience, this is also an inevitable trend of businesses operating in a digital environment! Personalized marketing is […]
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Inbound marketing

5 Note To Have An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing today have become not too strange terms for marketing people around the world in general and Vietnam in particular. However, applying both methods to create an effective strategy is not easy. In this article, we will together list 5 notes to create an effective Inbound Outbound Marketing strategy. Don’t rely […]
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Inbound Marketing

Understanding Inbound Marketing and How to Apply It

Is your business experiencing an inconsistent conversion rate despite spending a lot of money on advertising? Or is it difficult to reach and persuade customers? Maybe the old form of marketing is no longer suitable for your business. At this point, Inbound Marketing will definitely be an effective approach that you should try to apply […]
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