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Lead Generation

Personalized marketing – 2 tips to personalize your marketing in a new reality!

Personalized marketing or personalized marketing activities is a strategy to reach and care for potential customers through the application of digital technology to listen and understand the concerns of the target audience. Facing increasing demands in post-pandemic customer experience, this is also an inevitable trend of businesses operating in a digital environment! Personalized marketing is […]
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Inbound Marketing

Understanding Inbound Marketing and How to Apply It

Is your business experiencing an inconsistent conversion rate despite spending a lot of money on advertising? Or is it difficult to reach and persuade customers? Maybe the old form of marketing is no longer suitable for your business. At this point, Inbound Marketing will definitely be an effective approach that you should try to apply […]
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Marketing automation offers the opportunity for small businesses to compete with large organizations by helping them achieve greater efficiency with less manpower and time. Contrary to popular belief, automation doesn’t have to be expensive. Most of this software offers a monthly service for a reasonable price. Lead conversion (understood as the conversion from potential customers […]
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content personalization

5 effective content personalization strategies for B2B

When a B2B enterprise conducts marketing activities to its customers, one of the most powerful and effective approaches today is to personalize content and messages. On the market today, it is not rare that Marketing automation tools and software can support businesses to do this: HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce, … In Demand Metric and Seismic’s Content […]
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10 Best Social Proof Software Tools To Boost Sales For 2021

In this article, we’re sharing the high-quality social proof software tools you want to enhance income and engagement in your internet site. Social proof and FOMO (“fear of missing out”) leverage psychology to get your web page’s site visitors to do so via showing them the actions that different site visitors are taking. Using these powerful […]
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Social Proof Pop-ups That’ll Drive More Sales

What is social proof? In easy phrases, social proof refers to the effect of different human beings’ actions on our conduct. Say, while a large number of people are doing something, we count on that it must be proper. Why? Because we’re extra willing to do something while we see that others have completed it […]
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5 Lead Generation Website Design Best Practices

Are you seeking to generate more leads and sales along with your website? If so, it’s time to keep in mind the lead generation website design to help you create a website that caters to your target market and encourages them to grow to lead in your business. On this page, we’ll provide you with […]
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