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Brand Strategy

Standout Branding From The Crowd

Your brand like a person, it represents your character, your soul that differentiates you from others. Brands are stand out when they leave a positive impression and keep customers coming back. The right Brand Strategy can create meaningful long term relationships with customers.

Your brand is the relationship that your customer has with your company. When you put your customer at first, you have a winning formula for brand experiences. By identifying insightful positioning opportunities and building your brand around your purpose and values, we build enduring brands that attract more customers and extend your product or services. We help your product refine your brand messaging as well as your visual brand identities and make sure every customer touchpoint right.

Consult with our Brand strategy Expert, you will have A detailed roadmap for long-term, sustainable success; linking purpose, style, messaging, content and culture to profitability.

brand strategy

Our Branding Process

Gathering Insights

Make meetings between Leadee and customers to understand
hash out the strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations of the customer’s brand.
Set the project goal and measure internal and external brand perception and
understand how the brand is currently positioned.

Competitor Analysis


This is an important step that effects the project’s
success. We identify brand territory that’s occupied, as well as whitespace your
brand may be able to exploit as well as whitespace your brand may be able to

Audience Research

You can invest a lot of time and money in marketing but it will become meaningless if you don’t know who are your customers.  It’s not meaning, you’re closing doors on people who don’t fall under your criteria of the ideal customer. Instead, your business will direct your marketing resources and brand message to specific demographics. But don’t worry, Leadee will help you to do it. 

1.1. Deconstruct Your Market

– Use Psychographics to Talk to Your Audience

– Build Your Audience Persona

  • Step 1: Research what your ideal customer/client looks like
  • Step 2: Narrow the common details
  • Step 3: Create separate personas
  • Step 4: Name them

1.2. Learn More about Your Audiences

  • Step 1: Study your existing audience
  • Step 2: Collect data from your sales teams
  • Step 3: Know the needs of your users and buyers
  • Step 4: Check your competition
  • Step 5: Use trackable short links to collect data from any platform

1.3. Targeting the Right People

customer insights (1)

Insights + Concept

Our strategy deliverable organizes our recommendations into an intuitive, 4-stage framework. The first stage, insights, lays out what we’ve learned and how it will inform the rest of the project.

We move directly from insights into the second stage, the brand concept. This is where we explore stylistic territories at a high level, narrowing down a direction and charting a course for future exploration.

Putting your brand in tones

brand in tone

With us, brand is a conversation that includes vision, tone, values, mission, voice and tone, and more.

Our role is not just to create the different parts of your identity, but to link them together into a powerful story that can be told across channels to employees, partners, customers, and the world.

Visualizing your brand transformation

Our gifted designers can equip you with all the assets your brand needs to look its best – everything from logo design and usage, to brand palette, photography, and social media direction, to the creation of brand collateral for your sales and marketing teams to show off.

Activation & Moving toward the future

launch brand

We will have some dialogue presentations between Leadee and customers to make everything perfect and approved by customers. Post-presentation, our team is standing by to put plans into action and take the next step toward branding transformation.

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